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Why is there a photo album of my former best friend and I on his FaceBook?

Asked by ninjanick (54points) January 17th, 2012

So I was on my former best friend’s FaceBook and I saw a photo album that it’s called ” photos of you and *****”. Why would he make one if we haven’t talk in 8 months. Did he make it or it just pops up by itself?

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Things don’t just pop up by themselves on Facebook, so it is likely that your friend put it there (or anyone that has access to his Facebook account).
The reason that your former friend did put it there can be manifold.
He/she likes him-/herself in the pictures, he/she wants you to see them (either to annoy you, or to make you rethink your friendship with him/her, etc.).

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He put it up there.

It could pre-date the end of your friendship, and you just hadn’t noticed it. In which case, he just hadn’t bothered to or didn’t want to take it down.

Or he could recall your friendship fondly, and want to be reminded of you.

If you really want to know, you will have to ask him. Which opens a whole other can of worms. Like do you mind that he has the album up? Do you wish to rebuild the friendship?

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Sometimes when you view a friendship on facebook it says “photos of you and blah blah” and shows all the photos of the two of you together. The person didn’t create it, facebook did as a convenient way of viewing all photos that both of you were tagged in.

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are you both tagged in the photo by someone else perhaps? You can email Facebook directly for your answer.

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I think @judochop has it. You might want to check your profile page as well. If you are both tagged in a lot of photo’s then facebook might just have produced an album like that. The new “timeline has a lot of changes I haven’t figured out yet.

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Facebook has face recognition software that automaticly tags photos of you based on previously tagged photos.

But luckily you can turn this feature off, so your mom won’t see that drunk picture ;)

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Thanks to all of yall so much. But the thing is we don’t have any pics together. Thanks anyways :)

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