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Where do you normally respond to your fluther questions? iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, or PC?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) May 20th, 2008 from iPhone

just curious… I’m on my iPod Touch btw… Always.

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iPhone occasionally, but I prefer fluthering on my mac.

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Combination of MacBook Pro and iPhone.

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I usually use my RAZR.

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I use my iPod touch. Stupid iPhone.

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iPhone or touch. Can’t really see using anything else for this site..

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iPhone, MBP and iMac-so I’m an Apple fan…@Acrazycouple: Really? You should try the ‘full’ version of the site-a lot of unseen features there not (yet) available on the mobile version.

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Very true sndfreQ.
I started using the iPhone only, but far prefer the full version. So much better for staying on top of alerts and not to mention using and adding links in Q’s and A’s.

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Very carefully—from my PC.

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usually from my iBook, last week from an iPod Touch, i like the mac better though

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originally started just on my iPhone… but now I fluther on my iMac too ... it is a mild addiction

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There’s nothing ‘mild’ about it aloha ;)

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iMac or iPod Touch.

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My iPhone. I’m always on the go, and never think about fluther when I’m on my iBook.

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iPhone constantly. I work to much for anywhere else.

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@CC~ don’t be a hater!
iphone users ♥ iPhone

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iPhone…... Waiting rooms, lines, and traffic; heck they have never felt better! Actually I kinda look forward to them now LOL

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Seconded on cheeb’s post: once you start Fluthering on an iPhone, you too will feel the power of the ‘dark side’ (addiction that is-but hope you caught the Star Wars reference there too)!

Hey what’s up cheebdragon!

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MacBook Pro, iPhone, or any computer. For the majority of the time, it’s my MacBook Pro.

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PC . Hopefully Mac in the near future.

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Almost exclusively with my iPhone (he says as he is typing on his PC).

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I use my MacBook unless I’m on the go or at work. For those times I use my iPhone.

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I use my iPod touch.

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I use my PC and hopefully MacBook next month ( when I am planning to get it).

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@swimmindude2496: if you wait until WWDC, there may be an announcement of an all-new design for the MacBook, that fanbois are speculating may be released late summer…fyi.

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I always use my MBP. If it’s during the day I’m usually sitting in the living room in the comfiest chair ever, or if it’s late at night I’m probably on my bed.

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Usually on my PC, rarely on my iPhone. My girlfriend almost always uses her iPhone and rarely her PC.

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I use my iPod touch 99% of the time. The other 1% I use my laptop which runs Vista. By the way, have you heard Vista SUCKS?!

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I hear that a lot but I love Vista.

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The features are nice, but I am constantly having problems with it. I wish there were a way to EASILY switch it to XP. I’d buy a mac in a heartbeat, but I can’t afford it.

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I found Fluther through the iPhone application on so I always use my iPhone. I checked it out on my mac, but normally forget to check when I’m on there.

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On my mac, but I use Fluther through Fluid. Fluid creates a sort of application out of webpages, so my Fluther lives in my dock for quick access!

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You forgot ‘ignore’ But my PC when I do, as now.

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iPhone mostly

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1st Gen Macbook, Firefox 2.

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It used to be my iPhone but now a Mac.

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Mac, but sometimes my iPod Touch if I have it with me.

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I found on the web apps on like jenlk1207. I’m more active on my MacBook (if I ever remember to get on fluther), but I check it more often on my iPhone. Apple is the coolest company ever!

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I didn’t know I could use my cell phone?????

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