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Is there a job I can get eventually, that has to do with the study of customs all over the world?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2784points) January 17th, 2012

I am completely interested in traditions and customs of religions, and heritages all over the world. Their manners, their lifestyle, their cuisine.
Is there a major I can take in College that involves these kind of studies? And after college, is there some kind of job I can take that involves traveling/studying customs even further?

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Anthropologist. Geographer. Sociologist.
there are lots of interesting jobs, some pay okay, some pay poorly. You could be in the Peace Corps, or work for the U.N., maybe UNESCO.

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Anthropology is the name of the discipline.

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The study of traditions, customs, religion, heritage, manners, lifestyle and cuisine is the study of almost everywhere there is to study. It would take platoons of scholars eons to learn everything.

Pick something workable, such as the use of lip plates in Mursi women in SW Ethiopia, see this site

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I really badly want to join the Peace Corps, but knowing that in many cases, people have to live by themselves, would I be able to join even though I’m deaf and wear hearing aids?

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@NostalgicChills: I love your range of interests and enthusiasms, but I worry about your unwillingness or inability to do some simple research.

Peace Corps.

That was easy.

How bad is your hearing loss? Can you function without the aids? If not, that does limit you but certainly not prevent working in a helping field. You could have spare aids and reams of extra batteries.

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@NostalgicChills As @gailcalled, you need to find out from the Peace Corps. It might depend on what country you go to. But as a Federal Program, they will do their best to place you even with hearing loss. And you might be surprised that maybe there is a particular need you can fill.

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People in the Foreign Service and the CIA need those skills.

US Dept of State: Foreign Service Officer

CIA: Career Opportunities

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Yeah, I’ll admit, I’m lazy at times. XD
I have 85% hearing loss. Without the aids, I can only hear if someone is talking right next to me, or any loud sounds no more than 20 feet away.

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@NostalgicChills: It’s a tough break to need two aids at your age, but at least the newest generation of hearing aids are very effective (if very costly.) I took a bad fall several years ago, broke my stapes bone in my right ear and now have to wear an aid, but I have a good right ear and I am decades older than you.

How good is your hearing with both aids in? That will effect your career choices.

My dental hygienist wears an aid in both ears; she is in her late forties and functions very well.

You are lucky to be alive in an era where doing research is like taking candy from a baby. One click and you have the world’s great libraries lurking in your search engines. There is no excuse to be that lazy.

As an experiment, Google “anthropologist.” You will find tons of interesting information about the various kinds; physical, social, cultural, archeologist, paleo… Use fluther for the find tuning.

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Anthropology, but I’m struggling to think of a job that might use it, unless you become a teacher of the subject. Or go travelling the world studying different cultures and writing popular books about them.

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