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Where does the DVD come out of a Redbox machine? And where do you put it back in?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) January 17th, 2012

If anyone could provide an illustration with your explanation, it might help.

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The movie comes out to the right of the machine a few inches away from where you swipe your card. The DVD goes back in the same slot but only after you hit the “return” button and it comes back and says “return now”.
I find it much easier to sit at home and view which movies I want and select them at home and they will be ready when I get to the machine. I don’t like standing there reviewing the movies and possibly holding up the line. Just a little tip.

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@chyna: How do you review them at home? I’ve thought of using Redbox but I had know idea how, and I like to know ahead of time what a want. Is there a website?

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Yes, Select an area near you by zipcode and it will tell you several stores near you that has them and whether they are located inside or outside the store. You can review their movies in different ways: New releases, Top 20 rentals, family, scary, etc. You have to sign up and use your debit card. Select a movie, it will charge your card when you pick it up and in my area it is 1.06. If you keep it longer than a day, it will be charged to your debit card an additional 1.29.
To pick it up, you just push the button that says pre-ordered (or something close to that), swipe your card and it pops out.

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Thank you! I’ll look into that! We sound a bit like a spamming team, here. Good thing they know us! ;-)

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