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What to say in a 1st text after meeting and asking a girl out?

Asked by FunSteve (24points) January 17th, 2012

I met this hairstylist at a hair salon. As she started getting me a haircut, she asked about my life and what i do. We had a good conversation. When she finished cutting my hair, I asked her if she would mind if I ask her out. She turned her face, smiled blush and asked me “Tonight?!”, i responded “not tonight, just anytime you want, how about you give me your number and we’ll text?” she wrote her number and handed to me right away. Now it’s been exactly a day, and haven’t texted her yet.
1) Would you please suggest any good 1st text samples to send?
2) How long should I wait to shoot her a text?

Thank you guys a lot, your answers are appreciated!

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What? You haven’t texted her yet? Get to it, don’t let her get away.
“Hi, this is Funsteve. So I was wondering when you would be free for our first date and what are some things you would like to do?”
You’ve already had a conversation with her and know you would like to move on to a date, so just cut to the chase and good luck.
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Or don’t text at all and just call and ask her when she’s free. Then a bit before the date, text her to tell her you’re excited to hang out with her

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Give her a shout. You already took the plunge when you asked for her number. Get to it man!

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Coming from a female. Just keep it light. Here is an example:

Hey it’s Steve. It was great meeting you. Let’s meet up this weekend. When are you free?

Also, If you want a weekend date definitely make sure to ask before Thursday. She might already have plans, so you want to get in before her weekend books up.

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“I like your style.. cuz.. you’re a hair stylist… wanna go out tonight?”

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@chyna @redfeather @captainsmooth @pkuttner @digitalimpression

Great Answers! Keep it up :) Where to go out? Should I leave it up to her? what’s the best place for my case? Thanks again!

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@FunSteve best plan I’ve found is to not have a plan (at least an obvious one)

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As to where you go: I wouldn’t leave it up to her. Plan something to impress her.

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Pick something simple. A movie. Take her to a restaurant that you like. Another thing to mention about asking by Wednesday evening, It always makes me feel special when someone asks way in advance for a weekend date.

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Ask her what kind of food she enjoys, also! That can help.

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I usually go with “Hey. :D”
And if they send a greeting back then I just get to the point.

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Don’t text her. Call. Please.

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I’d call her asap! When she answers be like hey it’s Steve , the guy from the other day . So what are you doing tonight?
Short and simple is best

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