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What comes to mind when you hear the boy name Dalton?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) January 17th, 2012

What comes to mind when you hear “Dalton” for a boy ? What does it make you think of first ?

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I’ve never heard the name before. It makes me think of engine oil. Like “All-new Dalton™ Ultra! For preventing engine wear, trust Dalton™.”.

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@KoleraHeliko – Does it sound like a good name in your opinion ?

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The Dalton Gang. Old cowboy outlaws.
Dalton is also a name in both my and my wifes families.

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Books…It’s an author or a publishing Company?

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A boring mayor, probably from a midwestern state like Indiana.

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I guy I was in college with. He’s a good guy.

Also, Doolin’ Dalton by the Eagles- red eye whiskey for the pain.

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I think that Dalton is a good name.

For me I think of my Uncle, Malcolm Clay Dalton who is a WWII hero. His friends and family called him “Bill” and he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross post humous for his role in Operation Tidal Wave August 1, 1943 in which 178 b-24 Liberator Bombers bombed the Ploesti oil refineries in Romania.

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Sounds like a character from the Outsiders. Oh, that was Dallas. Still sounds like one of those guys.

Sounds like a nice, rough around the edges guy.

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@partyrock It’s a last name, really. I think having it for a first name would be a tad odd.

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If it’s a name from your family, I think it would be very appropriate, If not, you could use it anyhow. It also depend on how it goes with the last name. It would sound best with a one or three syllable last name.

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I remember now what was bugging me—I had the right concept, a group of guys, but wrong movie. Charlie Dalton… from Dead Poets Society. A nice, funny, rough around the edges guy who tries to be a bad boy.

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Roger Dalton (James Bond).

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I knew this dude in the military who was an hippie and grew up down the street from The Black Crowes. He was awesome.

i think his first name was Dalton, btw.

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I hear a surname.

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It sounds like a name from the Old West. Most likely I heard it on old TV shows like Gunsmoke or The Rifleman.

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Dalton Academy from Glee.
How embarrassing for me.
I like it, though. It also made me think of d’Artagnan from the three musketeers for some reason.

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Same as @Blackberry – James Bond – except that I thought his name was Timothy Dalton?

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The Vampire Diaries. And I don’t even watch that show…

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@Blackberry Was Roger Dalton the bastard son of Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore?

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I tend to like boy names that can also be surnames, so I like it. Nothing really comes to mind…I’ve never known someone named Dalton.

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It makes me think of a guy I went to junior high with. Pasty, blonde, nerdy. Not a bad guy, just very non-descript. As a name, it’s fine; that’s just my first thought.

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I can’t help but think of the series Dalton’s Creek. That’s not a bad thing per se…..
Oh no, forgive me, that was Dawson’s Creek! I think the name sounds cool. It sounds like a western, cowboy type name. I like it. Doolin’ Dalton…
(my video is different from Zenvolo ‘s)

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Roger Daltry

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First I think of the chain of steak restaurants called Dalton’s. Then I think about the old west and that cowboy family (or was it a gang?) with the last name of Dalton.

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Lucky Luke comics. He’s a cowboy in the Wild West, and his main enemies are the four Dalton Brothers.

Also, I haven’t seen the movie. I just like the comic books.

@Kardamom Yeah, they weren’t really cowboys, they were criminals. I have no idea if the comic figures I’m talking about are based on some actual historical criminals though. :/

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Carpets. They are a big manufacturer of carpets and floor coverings.

I have never liked it as a first name.

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Haha! Ooops, yeah it was Timothy.

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Patrick Swayze played a character named Dalton in the action movie Roadhouse. Swayze was the “cooler” who worked at a tavern/pub to break up any fights that started.

Of course, the movie was more complicated than that. But in the end, Swayze kills the bad guy and gets the girl, which is what really matters :-)

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@elbanditoroso You can’t justify what he did as “kill”. He freaking pulled the guy’s throat out Mortal Kombat style. Lol.

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I think of a studious British guy or a road back home.

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@blackberry – that’s true. I didn’t want to gross people out.

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Do you guys like the name Dalton for a boy ???

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Not really. It seems to be either a “Western stereotype” or has a negative connotation.

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@Kardamom Dalton Trumbo, was one of the Hollywood Ten. He was jailed and blacklisted for refusing to submit to the House Un-American Activities Committee. Trumbo continued writing screen plays illegally with friends lending their names to his scripts. His screenplay for The Brave One won the Oscar in 1956 and to this day is the only Oscar to have gone unclaimed.

He also wrote Spartacus. You know that scene? You know. That scene. It’s a reference to HUAC and a salute to the friends that helped Trumbo for the decades he had to do his work in secret.

I think Dalton is a fine name.

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It sounds like a name someone made up to be different. I’m not a fan of names that are unique for the sake of it and I feel this is one of them.

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