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Have you ever cross dressed?

Asked by King_Pariah (11484points) January 18th, 2012

So have you?

I know I’m not the only one here who has…

…I better not be…

Anyway, have you? At a party, as a joke, as a prank, to tease some blokes?

I have on a couple occasions (all were for the sake of school spirit or good laughs or free food, I SWEAR)

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Not since I was a young child, and my sisters had fun at my expense.

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When I was in junior high, I would wear men’s ties. I own boxers. So, yeah. I have cross dressed.

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Yeah, I have. I still do, occasionally.
Boys jeans, jackets, sometimes trainers…

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If jeans, a sweat shirt ,and sneakers count. I never tried to really look like a male. i enjoy being female.

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It’s funny men are cross dressing if they wear women’s clothes, but when women wear guy sneakers (love my Chuck T’s), guy’s jeans or shirts it doesn’t mean anything.

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All the time.
I wear dresses, stilettos, lipstick, nylons, what have you, and set for the town center, but every time people unmask me within seconds.
Maybe the beard is a giveaway?

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Ha! The beard would most likely do it, yep!! :)

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Yes, I constantly wear human clothes.

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I haven’t but I would love to pull a Marlene Dietrich one day. Sexy.

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When I was a freshman at college I was at the Salvation Army looking for a costume for a “Pimps and Prostitutes” party at my fraternity. I was with one of the “old guys”, and he found a mini-skirt dress for a dollar, and said I should wear it. I found some size 12 high heels, some fishnets, a boa, and a cigarette holder, and bought it all.

The guy’s girlfriend helped me dress, and I walked into the party like I was walking onto a yacht. Every girl at the party wanted to have a picture taken with me, it was a lot of fun.

But it’s not my thing, so that was the last time.

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Closest I got was a toga on Halloween.

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“I walked into the party like I was walking onto a yacht”
:) Nice.

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At a party with the theme of come dressed as the opposite sex. It was a Halloween party and I won ” Best dressed man.” lol

I borrowed a neighbors hardhat, work boots and tool belt and stuffed a flannel shirt with a big belly and a roll of socks down my jeans.
I am blonde and put my hair up in a bun under the hardhat and found this perfect blonde moustache that looked great under a fake rubber nose and sunglasses. The effect was really great!

I looked like Captain Kangaroo.
My ex husband won ” Best Legs” and he was in fishnet stocking, short shorts, garish belt, size 11 pumps, a tight teeshirt with balloon boobs and a long curly wig. :-D

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Nope. No desire to. Kind of sexy when women do it.

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No the boobs would be a dead give-a-way.

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I was in a “Where’s Waldo” type of competition—10 of us signed up to be “Waldos” in a mall. The challenge was to be as difficult to identify to 6 groups of hunters—the groups competed against each other to find us and the 10 of us competed to be the last ones identified. I felt extra pressure as a theater person who specialized in theatrical make up.

I’m pretty short—5’2 and have a unique face, eyes, mannerisms- all clearly female- and at that time, I had hair down to my waist. I dressed up as a Harley biker—rough make up, hair in a biker style ponytail, real-hair goatee, leather jacket, boots, tinted pilot’s glasses—the whole get up. It was hysterical!!!

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I’m a drag queen, so yes, I’ve cross dressed and often. I do it for the fun of the performance. It’s all about pleasing the audience for me. I know some drag queens who are transgendered or transsexual, and I know others who do it professionally for the money.

I’m a show-off, so there you have it.

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I’ve never really gone out of my way to look like a boy. But I do wear boys clothing a lot.

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Technically, all the time. I love wearing my husband’s clothes.

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Personal questions really get my panties in a knot!

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Nah…...It would be so unladylike!

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Yes. I lived as a woman for over a year, working as a reporter for the infamous LA Star. I covered the music industry and wrote reviews for them. Living as a woman was a requirement for sex reassignment surgery,m which I was seriously considering.

I passed in public just fine. In fact, I could look pretty darned hot. I was 5’ 10” and 128 pounds at the time.with naturally bland hair that I let grow out. It later turned dirty blond, but the white coming in now is getting me back to square one. Soon, I;klk look like a towhead again.

I only backed away from sex reassignment surgery when I thought it through and realized that I am just what I am, a man that has some distinct feminine thought patterns. I realized that no surgery could give me XX chromosomes, and that I might as well make the best of the hand nature had dealt me.

That said, I certainly don’t want to suggest that other transgendered people who decide differently are wrong about their sense of self. I just realized that the surgery would not fix my own sense of who I really am. I’m now quite comfortable in a male body. I work out daily and am pretty ripped for a guy my age. I even sport washboard abs. And with a close-cropped full beard, I’d make a lousy drag queen. Go figure.

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@Hawaii_Jake Thank you. I didn’t get much of that for that period of my life. :-)

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I think maybe it doesn’t really count as cross-dressing when you’re actually transsexual. Everyone else thought I was cross-dressing when I wear boy’s clothes, I just feel like I’m dressing as the gender I should be.

@ETpro That’s an awesome story, thanks for sharing. :)

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I am and always have been a heterosexual female but for everything except dress up, I prefer male clothing because of comfort mostly. I love board shorts and girl’s boardies have such a low rise (and are often so short) they don’t stay up very well and if I bend over, I share more of my anatomy than I want. I wear boxer shorts to bed because they are so comfy. I don’t like fitted or stretch t shirts so often wear kids or mens. So yep I am a cross dresser although I have never thought of it quite like that before!

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I wear men’s clothes all the time, but not in an effort to pass as male. I just find them more comfortable.

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Just for the sake of humor.
I came across some old flyers I had printed up about 6 years ago for pet/house/ranch sitting in my rural community.

I called my biz. ” Farm Avenue pet & house sitting.”
The flyers have all sorts of colorful pictures of horses, barns, dogs & cats, wagons full of hay, roosters, parrots, etc. One of the drawings I came across was just too perfect to not include. It is a man walking, dressed in skirt, flats and wide brimmed hat, of which he he has one hand on the brim of his hat, his face turned towards you smiling and a wiener dog on a leash.

He looks like “Jethro” from the Beverly Hillbillies in drag. lol
My humor being what it is, I just HAD to leave the cross dressing wiener dog walker on the flyer and have had many good laughs from potential clients. :-D
Note: Not dismissive humor, just funny observations of my creative quirks.

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@downtide Very cool. Good for you. I know exactly how you and the other women wearing men’s clothes for comfort feel. Personally, I really liked the feel is silky panties. That’s probably because I have a cock to rub against the silky material as I move. So that’s more a transvestite delight than a transsexual one. I don’t fight any convenient pigeonholes. But then gender identity is an extremely complicated, personal thing.

But it’s a pleasure I have forgone to comply with society’s norms. At my age, you have to start thinking about the bucket list, and getting caught that way isn’t a priority item on that list.

@Coloma That’s a great story., If you can make a scan and post it to photobucket or Facebook, please share a link. It just goes to show how funny our assumptions about gender identity really are.

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Oh, this is funny to me. I’ve never thought for a second that I cross dress!! But I do wear sweatpants, tennis shoes and a men’s Ralph Lauren tee shirt very often with no makeup indoors, that is. LOL In winter I switch to a sweatshirt. In defense, I bought a pair of pink fuzzy slippers today, those real bushy ones , to wear inside since mine are torn up.
What a sight: a sweatshirt, sweatpants, no makeup and pink slippers. But boxer shorts? No; never have worn those . All I sleep in is a tee. LOL

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I did dress up as a woman and will dress up as one again when I need to go on stage to be the dame in a phantomine. I say I make a good Chinese woman :P

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@Bart19 Pictures, please. Prove it.

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BTW, I was so struck by the comfort expressed by women who wear male articles of clothing and the rarity of such admissions by male jellies that I asked this question about that difference.

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