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Would anyone like to be interviewed about the Cold War?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) January 18th, 2012

Obviously, you had to have been around at the time The Cold War was happening. (between 1945–1963, NOT until 1991)
(I need to interview someone, but I have no family, that is alive, that has lived through the beginning of the Cold War.)

Interview questions:

What was life like in general?

What kind of emotions prevailed in your home?

How did your parents feel?

How did you feel?

What did you think about everything going on?

How was your life affected?

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My mom was born in 1953 and she would probably be willing to help you out if she is old enough for you. If she is old enough let me know and I will ask her to help. If she agrees I will PM you with her E-mail address.

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I was a child in the 50’s – 60’s and my Mother born in 1922 is available to answer if you like

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I visited the USSR in 1972, which seemed to me to be the heart of the Cold War, but it isn’t included in your dates. I also have memories from the Cuban Missile Crisis, but that was more about what was happening with my parents that was so weird. I didn’t understand it at the time.

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I was not born, however, my dad and several uncles were called up for service during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
My parents thought my dad and my uncles would be serving in a war.

My family back home (dad & uncles went to Washington State to train) prepared for along deployment. My mom/aunts worked and found homes with various relatives, while their children were watched by neighbors and relatives while the moms worked.

My mom always says of this time period “It was a crazy time”. Seeing a President get shot on TV just added to the already heightend stress level.

Like @johnpowell, I’m sure my mom would answer these Q’s for you. She was born in ‘41, married in ‘59, had my sis in ‘60. Just Pm if you want me to pass the info on to her.

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I lived through it and would talk to you about it if you like. PM me.

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I was born in 1944. I’ll be glad to answer all the parts where memory serves. My family was pretty politically active, so from early childhood, I heard about and was aware of what was going on. I remember Senator McCarthy’s demagoguery well.

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I was born in 1953 so I guess I qualify. I was just in elementary school when they had the Nixon/Kennedy election and I do remember all the people coming to the gymnasium to vote. I think it was the first presidential election that I was aware of. I was in 4th grade (I think) when President Kennedy was shot. They called school and sent us all home, so I watched the coverage on TV. I saw Oswald shot on live TV. I remember when people made bomb shelters, but I didn’t really comprehend much of the nuclear scare. I thought it was like having a tornado shelter.

I remember my teachers telling us how terrible Russia was, and how the people were oppressed, and how they picked your profession, and how women HAD to work there. We thought it was the most inhumane thing we ever heard of. Little did we know that in my generation, most women here would have to work, too.

I can’t say that I worried about it much. I thought the grown-ups had it all under control. I do remember kind of stressing about the moon race. I thought the world as we know it would come to an end if the Russians got there first.

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I’m not old enough, but I served two years in the German army during the cold war. We had to learn all about Soviet weapons and tactics. I was in East Berlin before the Wall got torn down.

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