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How about if I want to have some chat here?

Asked by BonusQuestion (1483points) May 20th, 2008

Is there any place in Fluther to have some chat? or is it just a place for serious questions and answers? I read that off-topic chatting and inside jokes are not allowed??

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This is exactly what the chat room is for. :P Have fun.

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Wow – chatroom’s busy tonight!

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Welcome to Fluther my friend; generally speaking, even though it’s frowned upon, people do it anyway, and as long as it doesn’t stray too far off-topic from the original question being asked, it’s usually part of the experience.

But I have seen the hammer drop on haters and thread-jackers on occasion; the community also does a great job of keeping discussions on-topic and relevant. But, having fun is always encouraged!

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Try the chat room, or just high jack a comment thread, like everyone else does.

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