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Can you help identify this house plant?

Asked by cawlin (138points) January 18th, 2012

My friend has had a large plant in their home for a number of years and apparently it was given to them by some neighbours who had it for around 20 years!

The other day while moving it to paint the plant broke near the bottom. My friends are trying to figure out what they should do to nurse it back to health (root, replant etc.) but not knowing the plant type is making it hard.

Here are some photos, can anyone identify this plant?

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It looks like a large tropical philodendron. It might re-root. It probably should have been staked, because the stems are not very strong. In their natural habitat, they kind of climb a nearby tree to get the support they need.

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It looks like it may belong to this plant family. link
You can try air layering to try to get a new plant to grow, or you can just hope over to a greenhouse and buy a new one. Its less work and would be healthier. It can grow indoors but it grows its best outdoors. It looks pretty bad so I don’t know if you can revive it to what it once was.

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@Sunny2 thanks, it was climbing a structure on their wall for support.

@Pandora thanks for the advice, will pass it along. Unfortunately around here you can’t grow many plants outdoors (it’s -30 today).

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Here in Hawaii, we call that a monstera. I’m sorry I don’t know any other name for it or its Latin name.

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Monstera Deliciosa…...??

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It is also known as a Swiss Cheese Plant or Split Leafed Philodendron.

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Split-leaf philodendron, Swiss cheese plant, or windowleaf (Monstera deliciosa)
You can take cuttings or air layer it. The methods are described here:

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