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Honestly, do you give more lurve to jellies that you know?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26490points) January 19th, 2012

Really think about it, before you answer. I suspect most people would be inclined to say “no,” but I wonder if that’s accurate.
I think that I might. Not deliberately, but I think that I may habitually give lurve to jellies that I know and recognize more so than just randomly giving it to everyone.
I ask, because, I have noticed that I get considerably more lurve when my avatar is a picture of me. When I use an avatar, especially the one I have now, which blends in and makes me less noticeable or recognizable… I notice that I get significantly less. Significant enough for me to notice the difference, anyhow.

No, I don’t care about lurve. Please don’t start that discussion.

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I don’t think so.
Actually, I am always on the lookout for newer members that I have yet to get to “know”, and like to ramp up their points, as long as their answers are helpful and/or interesting.
I take the free lurve approach, lurve the one you’re with. lol

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I think I simply give lurve to the post, not the poster. But we all have biases that influence us in ways of which we may not be conscious. So I think that’s a big “I’m not sure” from me ;-)

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@picante I’m not sure, either. I think that I might, but, if I hadn’t thought about it at all, I would have been inclined to say “no.”
But, I’m not sure.

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Yup to the Jellies I like, probably because I go into reading their posts with a greater attitude of receptivity. If I really don’t like what they’ve said or how they’ve said it, then no, and I do often GA Jellies I don’t like, if I like their post. But overall? Yeah probably. I also sometimes don’t even read involved posts from people I don’t like, they could be posting gold and I’d miss it.

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Upon deeper reflection, I think I’m influenced very strongly by the avatar. (It’s interesting you’ve noticed you get more lurve when your photo is your avatar.)

There are some avatars to which I’m drawn due to the color, texture or the actual image. And there are some that are very off-putting to me. I also tend to follow those jellies who don’t change their avatars (I like consistency). It stands to reason that I’m not giving lurve to those posters whom I avoid strictly based on the avatar.

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Interesting, because I too changed my avatar, some days ago.
And I feel that it doesn’t make a difference (although there is no way to prove this).
Me giving Lurve to others is definitely not restricted to my knowing or not knowing the Jelly in question.
I love to give Lurve to new members, as if, by doing so, I can make them feel more welcome and make them stay.

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I really don’t think I do.

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If I am going to make a confession, I will say that I don’t give more to people I know, but I sometimes withold it from people who have been rude or mean in previous posts , even if the current answer deserves it. I’m such a bad person.

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Nothing wrong with that. No, you’re a healthy person. Never reward abusive jerks with more of your lurve. lol

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@Judi I don’t care what you do with your lurve, but suggesting that you of all people are a “bad person” is just… insane. That’s what it is. That couldn’t be less true.

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My lurve-gift system is so sporadic and haphazard that it will be tough to describe how it works.

- The majority of the time I lurve thoughtful, intelligent posts.
– Occasionally I’ll lurve everyone in a thread for no apparent reason.
– Sometimes I’ll lurve a post with zero lurve just because everything around it got lurve.
– Frequently, I’ll lurve those who agree with me and avoid giving lurve to those that don’t.
– For some people I will lurve completely inane posts because I like them.
– Some people get lurve because I like their avatar. Some people don’t because I hate their avatar.
– And some people have sent me personal messages and annoyed the living crap out of me which earned them a lurve-ban from me. (which is almost always lifted the very next day).

I’m human and my reasons are human.

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@digitalimpression that actually makes perfect sense, to me.

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No, except that I know most jellies. I tend to give lurve most easily to new jellies.

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@ANef_is_Enuf You understood my post. Lurve. xD

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If I like your answer I give you lurve. Simple as that.
Unless I’m going to comment on it, I usually don’t even notice who said it.

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This actually reminds me of a discussion that I had, quite a long time ago, here. For a little bit we were all exchanging avatars with each others’ names written on them, and a male jelly who was using a photo of me said that he noticed considerably more PMs and being added to more Fluthers when people thought the avatar was actually him.

Kind of makes me wonder about the internet, in general.

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What? Isn’t my goose cute enough for maximum lurve?
I am pretty cute, but not as cute as snow goose. ;-)

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@Coloma that is a cute goose.

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Hmmm. My lurve has definitely slowed down since I switched avatars. Then again, when I switched away from this avatar the first time, it seemed to slow, too.

I have my favorities that I tend to lurve more often. Then there are times when I just lurve due to good answers. The thing is, answers have to be exceptional and creative for me to be inspired to lurve. Unless they are to my questions, which somehow seem to bring out the creativity in everyone, lol!

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I think about this too. I wonder if a more “favourable” older jelly had written the exact same thing, word-for-word as me, would they get more GA’s?

I definitely think if you have an avatar which is a picture of yourself, you will get more lurve. People connect more with actual photos of people, instead of just any old picture. It’s part of being human, I guess.

I give lurve to people for a lot of reasons, most of which have already been mentioned here, unfortunately, one or two comments which really don’t rub me the right way can make me boycott any future lurve to a particular person.

I don’t know if this is right or wrong, because on one hand it shows I am true to my own values and beliefs, on the second hand, morally, you’re supposed to give people a second-chance and not judge them on what is maybe only one part of their personality, as much as you dislike or even hate it.

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I do but I will also give lurve to the jellies that I tend to not really want to know also. A great answer is a great answer, even if I am getting kicked around in a thread I am not so internet proud that I wouldn’t give a GA to those who deserve it.

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No; whether or not I know you or dislike you I will always give lurve if it’s deserved!
And I dislike almost no one on here.

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@Keep_on_running that’s an interesting point, about it being easier to connect with photos of people, rather than just random photos.

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I’m not really friends with anybody on here and my views on about half of most mentioned topics on fluther are in the fringe. As a result it is very unlikely for me to give lurve (or GA’s/GQ’s) just because I know or am familiar with certain users.

I kind of have my own system that I use to give others lurve and I’m actually more likely to hand out lurve to users that I’m not familiar with, depending on their answers that is. I’m also more likely to hand out lurve to users who have put similar answers to most others in a thread that I agree with but yet for some reason or another nobody else gave them lurve, where everybody else in the thread received lurve. I’ll even lurve responses that I don’t agree with if the user posted something that I wasn’t aware of and the post was civil, but it is rare that I do this.

When it comes to questions I usually will automatically lurve them since I found them interesting enough to respond to. I don’t do this all of the time but most of the time I do hand out lurve to questions that I respond to. Again knowledge of a user means squat to me but if I am familar with somebody on here and we get along with each other I’ll admit it that I’m more likely to go out of my way to notice their posts.

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I usually just give and give and give more lurve. I figured if, as most jellies profess, they’re not hung up on lurve scores, why withhold it. It’s free to give and it will not make or break a jelly. Some Q&A’s I see don’t get any lurve and that is very disheartening. Also if I post a question, most every Jelly that stops by and answers is going to get my lurve. That is of course if it’s not spam, off-topic, trolling, etc.

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In general I will give lurve to a good answer, regardless (I hope), BUT thinking about it, I realise that I’m more wary with my lurve to newer jellies until I’ve got a stronger picture of them as a whole… A brand new member who writes a good question or a good answer I will give lurve to as a welcome/encouragement, but the other 90-odd lurve points they may get from me will come later on when I feel more confident that they’re nice-enough people. Crikey, does that sound harsh???

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I don’t know, maybe I do.

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I give more lurve to jellies I know and lurve. I follow and lurve folks I fancy, ‘cause they good.

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To a point yes, but that is likely to be because they are on the same wavelength as me. That’s why I have got to know them. We connect. It isn’t just because I ‘know’ them. I also don’t exclusively give to people I know though. If I disagree with them, I won’t give them lurve and I do give lots of lurve to people I don’t know.

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Honestly? No.

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My answer would probably be the same as @Bellatrix.‘s I know them because I like what they have to say, you know? But I also make it a point to lurve newbies for encouragement and to lurve people I disagree with when they’ve truly given a great answer.

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On second thought, I am just as likely to give a GA when a newbie user deserves it as I am to give a GA to an old user….BUT, I’m more likely to give an undeserved GA to an old user if I like them.

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I should also say I DO give GAs to answers I may disagree with if they are well argued. Sometimes someone gets their point across so well and I do click GA.

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I just lurve everyone and let God sort them out.

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I forget to give Lurve for a day, and the next I will randomly click everyone on a thread.

I will admit if I see a jelly I like with zero lurve for an answer on a thread, I will bring them to 1.

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