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Do you think your S/O would recognize you on Fluther?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) January 19th, 2012

If your significant other came across Fluther with no prior knowledge that you participate here, and started poking around, do you think they would figure out who you are? This question inspired mine.

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He would recognise me right away, just from my username and picture.

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Yes; and just because of my avatar. groan.

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Anyone who knows me would recognize Zuppy and my name. Damn. So much for keeping an air of mystery!

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<———————If he didn’t recognize our son, I’d have a real issue. ;)

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Of course he would.

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Well, we actually met on fluther…

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Yes, he’d recognize me from my user name and also the things I’ve posted.

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If he read my answers, he would recognize certain anecdotes and events.

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Well, she knows me by my user name. If I had a more anonymous name she might recognize my snark, but I’m not sure.

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I often discuss questions here with my wife. She would never join because she doesn’t like people to ask her questions and she thinks the name is silly.

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I am certain he would. He knows my name but even without that, The person I am here is very much who I am in real life.

Would be fun to test wouldn’t it? Take out all identifying info and see if he could pick me?

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I don’t have an S/O, but lots of my friends and family would recognize me even if I didn’t have a picture up. So many of my life experiences that I have discussed here are fairly unique/rare.

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Even if he didn’t know my username, I’m pretty certain he would recognize my anecdotes, my politics, certain grammatical tics (you could call it my ‘speech’ pattern), and my potty mouth.

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I could never get him to look at the site. He’s not entirely computer phobic, but it’s a struggle to get him to look at the screen, let alone browse around. He doesn’t like call-in shows on the radio either. My kids would recognize me, no question.

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My siblings would take one look at the username, roll their eyes, and say “That’s you isn’t it?” My significant other caught me online so it was not difficult for him to identify me. Had he not known it was me, the username and avatar would have been a giveaway. Based solely on what I write on Fluther, it probably would have taken him a little longer.

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(wife): “Hey honey. I found this new site called…‘Floother’?! And there’s this guy who likes cookies almost as much as you. You should check this out.”

(me): “Uuuhhh, yeah. Sure. I-I’ll do that.”

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Probably not. She doesn’t even really know what I do for a living.

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I don’t see how he would. There are just too many people on the internet for him to single out lil’ ol’ me.

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I think so. She already knows, but I think she’d be able to figure it out from things I’ve said.

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Not a chance in hell.

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I’m pretty sure he would. I’m the same person here that I am in RL.

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Feeling a bit blue are we, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard ? Poor Sweetie, come visit me, I’ll find you a nice girl…

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@JilltheTooth I read that as “I’ll give you a nice girl” and my first thought was “Kate! :D”

And nope, I’m good. Just being silly.

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<sigh> OK, I’ll sacrifice my only child to the cause…oh, Brave and Selfless Me!!!

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You’re such a kind woman. Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed.

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I demand a lot on Mother’s Day. Just sayin’.

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Of course. You will be showered in a multitude of lovely gifts and hugs.

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Above post is no longer relevant, or won’t be by weekend’s end.

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@King_Pariah Did you have a Fluther break-up? :(

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