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Name for this gorgeous PB&J mix from America ?

Asked by newtscamander (2843points) January 19th, 2012

In 2009 I went to the UK for a student exchange, and my host family had this PB&J mix they had brought home from New York.It was in a glass jar and you could see the peanutbutter and jelly stripes inside. It was delicious, I would love to find and order it ! :)

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Smucker’s makes something called Goober Stripes. It comes in grape or strawberry flavored jelly with peanut butter also in the jar. Not sure if it’s the same thing you had before, but it sounds similar.

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Yes! You’re right ! Goober Stripes, exactly. Thanks a lot ! :) :) :)

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You can order it from Amazon.

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Thanks, to all of you :)

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Man, I never could stand Goober—even as a kid. To each her own, I guess.

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@Rarebear I’m with you. The peanut butter was cloyingly sweet and the grape jelly. Yuck!

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I used to LOVE Goober Grape when I was little, but only the first half of the jar. After it lost it’s support, it all tended to ooze down into an unappetizing sludge that nobody wanted to touch.

I agree now, it’s way too sweet for my grownup tastes.

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Skippy all the way…

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Like grilled cheese? Try grilled PB & J. MMmmmmm.

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Well, I hope I still like it, cause I just spent 10 € ordering it ;D I’ll try that @Hain_roo :)

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