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What colorful first names do you know of?

Asked by Blueroses (18248points) January 19th, 2012

Inspired by the Scarlett question and by Beyonce naming her child Blue, I was trying to think of more colors that have become names for humans.

I’ve met a few girls named Cerise, one named Fuscia and one Saffron.

What other colorful names are out there?

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Ohhh Hazel… and Greye (different spelling of course).
What about Jade? It denotes a colour as well as the stone.
Pearl (and that’s me out)

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Red….or Blackie.

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Can we use foreign names? Bianca means white.

Does saffron count? It is a color, but not really. Really it is a flower.

I guess rose could be one also?

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Placenta. No, really, and it was for a boy no less! Stupid mother!

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No? Really @Snowberry…? That’s just cruel.

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@Bellatrix Yes, it really happened. If the poor kid managed to live long enough to grow up, he must have been one mean dude.

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Iris- It’s a Greek word, and its English meaning is Rainbow. I think it would be of seven colors.
Nice name though!

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I know a guy called Grey. I can’t think of any other male names that are colours.

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Ashly? Ginger? Hazel? Puce?

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I have never met a person called Puce… I would not like that name.

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@Bellatrix To be honest, neither had I. Still, there’s this.

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Puce is icky.
I think of the book “Summer of the Swans” where the girl tries to dye her orange sneakers to “baby blue” and they come out puce.

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@Blueroses So is pleurisy. Still. I’m sure I could like someone with that name, maybe even learn to like the name.

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