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A fly lands in your wine and is busy doing the backstroke when you notice, do you drink the wine?

Asked by Bellatrix (21228points) January 20th, 2012

I say no. I don’t want to drink a glass of red wine that a fly has been swimming in.

My husband says, “pick it out” and drink it. The alcohol will disinfect the fly. (ugh!)

What would you do?

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Most important question would be, Is there more wine?

If yes, toss the buggy one. If no, choose to believe that it’s a sterile situation.

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There is more wine! I went with the ‘more wine’ option personally… it is an important family issue though :D

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I would gag. Pour out the wine. Get a new goblet and more wine.

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I had a spider on my ice cream once. And I ate the ice cream. (the spider was still on it).
I may not eat the fly in this case, but the wine, I would drink it, if I were not abstinent.

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:-| @loli…. eww.

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haha @ragingloli. You had some protein with that icecream, a rare novelty. lol.

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Oh, I just thought of a third option. Pick out the fly and swap glasses with your husband!
No waste, he claims not to mind and you’re already used to his germs

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A good plan indeed, except, he is a beer drinker. He isn’t into wine. Good thought for any people with partners who don’t mind drinking wine infected with fly germs though.

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I am not grossed out easily by stuff like that but flies are gross and dirty and I don’t mess around with that. I would toss the wine. Unless it was a humongous amount of wine and then I would reconsider.

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Even though logically I agree with your husband, there is no way in hell I could drink the wine. If it was life or death, maybe. Otherwise, toss the wine and get a new glass.

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I feel sorry for the fly.
Just picture her flying away, crashing against poles and trees…

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Drink the wine, the fly adds protein!

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Are you an Australian @thetas49? It is okay to chuck grog out!

Lol @rebbel… I know but she died happy… totally intoxicated… imagine her ..swimming round my glass .. singing .. some sort of pirate song…

Thank you @augustlan and @deni, I will tell my husband.

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No Bellatrix, not Aussie but a real Brit, we don’t have giant flies and the ones that end up in our wine tend to be really rather insignificant (on the odd occasion its warm enough to sit outside of course)

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Well I’m a pom too @thetas49 so all the more reason for my horror at not only a fly, but a damn big fly .. in my wine.

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At a picnic I certainly don’t throw out my food when a fly lands on it.
How about if I drink your wine for you?

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I know I wouldn’t die, but I just couldn’t bring myself to voluntarily drink it.

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Nah, I’d toss it and get some more

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Yeah, toss it. And wash out the glass. I’m not going any further but I could tell you fly stories that would curl your ears.

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If it were a fruit fly- no problem, flick it out and continue sipping. House fly…. ehhh, no go.

Once I was sitting watching tv with a roommate and I looked down at his cereal bowl to see several little beetles floating in the milk. I said “bugs!!” he said “protein!!”—No lie.

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And of course if it was a Scaptia beyonceae it would be a bit hard to swallow.

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I’d spoon it out and put the poor thing in a safe place to sleep it off. lol
Flies are the least of my issues up here in the hills. If waking up to a tree frog on my pillow, finding wind scorpions in my jacket, lizards all over the house and rattlesnakes and mountain lions lurking in the weeds don’t stress me out, what’s a little fly in my wine?

I live in wine country and trust me, a fly is not worth throwing out a whole glass of the grape. haha

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Yes, I drink the wine. My short time with it is nothing compared to the time it spent in producing, transporting, under less sterile environments.

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I don’t mind sharing especially when it is alcohol.

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Funny wine story:

A few years ago in my county a lot of hawks were showing up in wildlife rehab with seemingly neurological symptoms. Loss of balance, tilting, falling over, inability to fly. People were finding them all over and there was fear of some disease or poisoning going on. Well…turns out they discovered that one of the local wineries had dumped a huge pile of fermented grape castings out in the boonies of their vineyard, which the blackbirds were feeding on and in turn, the blackbirds were being preyed upon by the hawks.

Yep, you guessed it, drunk blackbirds being eaten by hawks resulted in drunk hawks that were falling from the sky. haha

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Sure. It’s all about perception again. Trust me…there are much nastier, invisible things in that wine than whatever molecule a fly might leave behind.

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I would and have picked the offending fly out and continued to drink the wine. If there was more than one then I’d toss it.

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I don’t drink wine but I am assuming this question can apply for any drink?! I’m with your husband. Fish it out and carry on.

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Gross. I know the alcohol would disinfect it, but I still wouldn’t be able to drink it. Hah.

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I agree with hubby, pick out the fly and drink the wine, big deal.

But heck, If you’re not going to enjoy the wine because of it, what’s the use of that?
In that case the question becomes, as well noted already: is there more wine?

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Personally I’d rather fish out the fly than drink the preserved worm in the tequila bottle. Gak!

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I would want fresh wine. However, if my hubby and I drinking the wine and he were to suggest me picking out the fly and continuing to drink then I’d do as @Blueroses, I’d smile, hold out the glass to him and say, “here sweetie, you do it.”

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There are other ways a fly could harm you while drinking wine.
A friend and I used to go on trail rides together with our horses and always took a bottle of wine or a few beers and goodies along.
Once we were having a cup of wine on trail and a giant horse fly bit her horse on the hip causing him to jump and our bottle went flying.
Tragic it was, wineless in the wilderness. lol

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Some great answers here. Thank you people. So, I now have a couple of volunteers to drink any fly tainted wine in future and some great stories to go with the next glass. ‘Wineless in the wilderness’ seems very depressing. Oh and I love tree frogs and lizards… don’t mind them at all.

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This reminds me of a joke.
An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman are sitting in a bar. Suddenly, a fly dives into each of their beers. The Englishman says, “Barman, a fly just dived into my beer. Bring me another one.” The Englishman got another beer. The Irishman says, “Ah, to hell with it,” and empties his pint, fly and all. The Scotsman pulls the fly out of his beer, shakes it up and down, and screams, “Spit it oot, damn you! Spit it oot!”
Funny thing is when this joke, which I had vaguely remembered and had to look up (thank you ,Wikipedia), was told to me the Scotsman had been replaced with a Schwabian. Schwabia is the area of Germany bordering on the Italian Alps. They are known as much for their thriftiness as the Scots are. Ah, how a good joke travels!

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@Earthgirl Oh god I’m LMAO and feeling guility at the same time.

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Adirondackwannabe Guilt free joke for me! The person who told it to me was Schwabian. They are proud of their thriftiness!!

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I’d only drink it if no one was looking…O_o But nah, I’d probably get a fresh glass. I know I’ve eaten scabs, wieners I found on the floor and everything, but flies are just gross. They hang out on piles of shit and carrion. Plus they start out as maggots and I fuckin hate those things.

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@Symbeline ” wieners I found on the floor..”

Would these be wieners ala carte or wieners attached to men on the floor? lol

Do tell. I feel a story coming on.

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Rescue fly. Pour new glass, fuller than before, everyone’s happy.

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@Coloma Haha, no, not penises. A regular sausage. Like one of those big smokeys. Years ago I ended up in the street for like a week. It was in the Summer, and one of those days was Canada Day. So obviously, being that there were festivities and activities going on everywhere, there was food that people drop and all. So I helped myself to a stray sausage. Except it had been baking in the Sun forever, and it just tasted like asphalt. That might actually be worse than drinking a fly, or wine that had a fly in it…it probably had all sorts of bacteria. But eating something was getting a little urgent. XD
Of course there was a youth center where they give out free food in shitty situations, and they let you sleep there for the night. When I located that, I found it a much better option than eating stuff on the ground.

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Aaah, I see, well I am glad you are no longer hunting abandoned sausages on the street, but hey, you can officially say that you have been on top of old smokey, literally. lolol

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Lol. Hunting abandoned sausages. You sure have a cool way with words. :D

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