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Suggestions for my wife's 30th Birthday?

Asked by critter1982 (4120points) January 20th, 2012

My wife’s 30th birthday is coming up in the next 2 weeks and I’d like to take her somewhere on the Northeast US coast for a few days. The main problem is that I have a 1 year old son, and she would definitely not want to leave him at home with our parents. So the place has to be 1 year old friendly in that we’ll need a place to give him an afternoon nap and have things to do that we can take him to. Anybody have any good suggestions. I’m struggling to find a good place to go since it’s winter.

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The Poconos is always nice to visit :)

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The NE coast is a very large area. Can you be more specific? How far can you stand driving

What’s your budget?

Do you want the peace and beauty of the ocean? (Cape Cod or Plymouth or Salem, Ma)

Do you love the gentle grandeur of the mountains? (The areas near N. Conway, NH or Pinkham Notch). The Poconos are nice but the White Mts. are grander and more rugged.

Easy museums? (The Clark in Williamstown, MA or the Norman Rockwell Museum in w. Stockbridge, MA.)

Birding: everywhere along the ocean.

Grand houses…Newport, Ri or Hyde Park, NY

City stuff? Boston, NYC, Philly are your obvious choices. All $$$

And there is always the Jersey shore…

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@gailcalled: I’m willing to pretty much drive anywhere in the northeast, except for probably Maine. Budget is probably 1K. She likes the ocean and the mountains. Not a huge museum fan and my son probably wouldn’t last in a museum for very long. She does like Boston but I travel there for work a lot so I’d rather not go to Boston. I’m thinking peaceful ocean or mountain stuff…LOL, no Jersey shore.

@ArabianKnightress: I like the Poconos too, good idea.

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If you like quiet and great beauty, try ‘Nantucket Island”: The ferry schedule is reduced from summer and many restaurants and businesses are closed, but it is still very romantic.

Here is the Web Cam at Great Point. You can rent a jeep and go out and watch the seals. You can go to the Whaling Museum. Have a glass of wine while watching a movie at the Starlight Theatre.

It’s a lovely winter destination, and your son should enjoy the ferry.

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@critter1982 My stock answer: Lake Placid. Golden Arrow Resort, right on the lake, and the entire town is very kid friendly.

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Instead of taking her on vacation somewhere, buy her savings bonds.

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@Charles How romantic. She’ll remember that one forever.

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@Charles: lol. I appreciate the recommendation, however I’m not so sure she doesn’t deserve a relaxing vacation for putting up with me all these years and for being an awesome mom. Maybe for her 31st i’ll go with the savings bond.

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