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What time are TV shows on in the mountain time zone in the US?

Asked by JLeslie (59512points) January 20th, 2012

Eastern and Pacific typically play the same time of night. Central is typically an hour behind Eastern. What about mountain?

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Most run Central and Mountain at the same time.

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Prime time in the US is
7PM to 10PM Central and Mountain Time
8PM to 11PM Eastern and Pacific

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Yes, what @jaytkay said. The prime-time shows begin at 7 pm Mountain Time. That’s 9 pm Eastern, which is why I never look at online message boards about shows I follow until after they’ve aired here. Those Easterners will post spoilers before we get a chance to watch.

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Thanks. They never mention mountain. A few days ago I had a 45 second argument with someone who was insisting the contiguous 48 had three time zones. Then I named the four zones and they said, “oh yeah.” Poor mountain people, so many Americans forget about them ~

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@JLeslie We don’t mind if you forget about us. It keeps our real estate prices down. :)

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@Blueroses I wish I had lived in central/mountain time as a child. The shows starting earlier is so much better.

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I was stuck in Elko, Nevada, once because of car trouble. The Motel 6 TV was on cable that showed Salt Lake City stations. SLC is on Mountain time, Elko is on Pacific. We watched Johnny Carson at 9:30. It was a strange evening.

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They never mention mountain

Eastern and Central are one simultaneous broadcast, so they say something like “tune in at 9PM, 8PM Central” because both groups are watching together.

They can say the same thing in the Pacific, which basically gets the East/Central feed delayed by three hours.

Mountain is a separate feed.

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Same time as Central.

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@jaytkay Why is it separate if it is played at central time? And, do you mean TV shown in mountain time simply just states the time without even needing clarification? Because everyone in the viewing area is on mountain? Or, they actually tag it mountain time when they mention the time?

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I’ve lived most of my life in the Mountain Zone and the official network promos never mention our time. It’s something you just become accustomed to. The promo says “Wednesday, 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central” and you just know to tune in Wednesday at 7.

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@JLeslie The meaning of “same time” gets confusing here.

The Eastern/Central prime time broadcast starts at 8PM Eastern

The Mountain prime time broadcast starts at 9PM Eastern

The Pacific prime time broadcast starts at 11PM Eastern

@Blueroses I didn’t know they say “9PM Eastern, 8PM Central” in Mountain zone. I’ve lived in the other three, but not Mountain.

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@jaytkay Oh, I just heard another promo and I did get it slightly wrong. It’s just something I’m used to hearing and assimilate without paying much attention.

It goes “Wednesday, 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central and Pacific”

So yes. We mountaineers get left out entirely. But, if we had a battle of land-area, we would win! :)

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@jaytkay When I say same time, I mean if something is shown 9 central and 9 Pacific, that is how I am using same time in this discussion. But, certainly same time could be used to signify 9 eastern, 6 pacific, meaning airing across the country at once. It is confusing, and does need clarification.

So, when I say central and mountain at the same time, I mean the program is showing at 8 central and 8 mountain, is that how everyone else is using the terminology? I think so?

@Blueroses Central and pacific were both shown at 8? So, do you know what time to assume for mountain? It would be 8 I guess.

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I remember when I was little they always said for example “8:00 Eastern, 7 Central and Mountain.” Pacific was the one left out.

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@JLeslie Ha ha. I see how this becomes confusing. Promos address people in their local times. So 8PM Central and Pacific means “tune in at 8, your time”. The people in Pacific will tune in at 8, which is 10 Central Time.

Central and Mountain are never mentioned together. Central and Pacific air locally at the same time. We know to adjust and make that one hour earlier in our Mountain time.

@JilltheTooth I never have heard that. Interesting.

Now I’m totally fucking confused and I thought I had a handle on this whole situation.

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@Blueroses : I’m talking about the 60s, and the East Coast. Kind of like living on a different planet… ;-)

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