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Did you ever stand up against meanness?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) January 20th, 2012

Did you ever come to someone else’s defense? Did you stand up against your own bully?

I’m thinking not just of playground situations and not just about physical fighting, but battles online or in situations where a community is ganging up on someone and you don’t think they deserve it. So you become an ally with the person who stands alone—until you come along.

What was the situation? Why did you feel you should stand with them? What happened?

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Yes and they stopped bullying the person I was protecting and turned on me. I was bullied by that group of bitches for three years.

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LMAO How could I ever forget the Serafina fiasco of 2010. I was trying to defend someone, I still honestly don’t know for sure who it was, maybe Auggie knows and half the collective came down on my ass like a load of bricks. That was an enlightning experience. When a massed group comes at you it’s pretty amazing what the combined attacks will do to you. It really made me understand bullying a lot better. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but if you stand up for someone you had better be prepared. It takes toughness to do it.

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As a kid, I literally almost died. I’ve been threatened with a knife one time when I was at school. My friend was there but he was afraid to jump in because they didn’t have a problem with him, people hated the poor kid (me). I had to run all the way across the field in the snow and luckily there was this lost guy looking for direction to a street that was 3 block from my house. I got a ride from him in exchange to help him get to his destination. As soon as I got into the house my sister got mad because i was afraid to go to the store for her and SHE pulled a knife out on me. I sat outside on our porch in the cold until an hour after my mom got home. Then one day, I got massive. Six feet tall and 167 pounds as a 7th grader. I started to throw people around alot, lol. I threw my sister through out bathroom wall once. I’ve never “returned” the favor but I have stuck up for people, ALOT. But in the end those I stuck up for end up turning on me because I’m not a very likable person never found out why. I just play video games all the time, but I’m strong enough to fight off any bully so no complaints.

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I have and I do, every chance I get.

when necessary and worthwhile

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Yes, it’s one of my standard things to do. I hate bullies. One non-fight/playground situation that comes up from time to time is when I stand up for fairness even when it doesn’t benefit me, and it’s interesting when some people actually criticize me or are baffled by my stand because it doesn’t represent my own issue. For example, pointing out that a test question was unfair or badly worded and others should not have been marked wrong for their answers, when I actually gave the answer the test wanted.

On the playground / school / neighborhood though, there were several times I fought or resisted bullies and won, e.g.:

About six “alpha kindergarteners” charged me and two of my friends saying “let’s get them and beat them up” and I punched one of the bigger ones in the stomach and he lost his wind and fell down, and the fight was over at that and they left us all alone after that.

Waiting to be picked up after school, a bunch of mean kids from the neighborhood came by looking to terrorize us. I had two of my friends and I hide in bushes over the sidewalk they were coming up and we jumped on top of them and knocked them down, and they ran away and didn’t come back.

In high school, a giant bully came lumbering menacingly at me and I drew a pencil quickly and pointed it at his stomach, and he stopped surprised and then laughed and left me alone.


I’ve intervened as an adult, too. Once I was out walking at night and I went to see what an argument was about. A young man and pregnant woman were trying to disengage from a (more) drunk muscular boxer type with no shirt on, who was yelling at the guy that he “bounced a beer off his head” and owed him a beer. I went and stood at the side of them all to see what was going on and see what might be done. I thought maybe by giving an audience, it would fizzle out, but the drunk wasn’t giving up, and started looking for a rock, then went and tried to punch the guy (who was a lot smaller than him), and I took the moment to pound him on the side, but it didn’t do much to him and he gave me a look. I then stood in line with the other two, and when he wouldn’t back off and increased his threats that he was going to attack us, I started yelling “police! someone call the police!” and soon enough the police came and sorted it out. The officer who talked to me recommended I not get involved in future, but I think it was an obligatory politically correct line.

Also, pretty much daily I sign on to petitions and messages to Congress and/or corporations asking them to treat animals and wilderness well, etc. Kind of the same thing, to me.

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Yes, all the time, but it doesn’t make you many friends.

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Yes, I do stand up for what is right, I have all of my life. And as @Paradox25 says, it tends to not make you very many friends – but that is ok if you are doing what is right.

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In highschool it was a regular thing.
I would always invite the kid that sat alone and got made fun of to eat with me,
I tried to slow bullshit trash talk about one particular girl that everyone thought was a “whore” because she was actually a really nice person, and I chased a guy through the school and pinned him in a corner for calling my friend the n word.

I’m much less confrontational now, but I still stick up for people, when ignorance goes too far.

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I’ve done it here several times. Even if I didn’t agree with the opinion of the person who was getting ganged up on, I don’t think kindly of others who are dicks and use name calling and personal attacks with those they disagree with. I will call them out on their meanness.

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I detest bullies and no they i not just happen in our school years, they are everywhere, I have always come to the defense of the underdog, and believe I always shall.

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I’ve stood up to bullies, meanness, mobbing, abuse, all of that. I’m great at standing up and going to battle for others but for myself, ehhh, not so much but getting there!

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