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My laptop's screen is acting up and causes any pictures/videos playing on it to have a green/pink tinge on them hence preventing me from viewing the image properly.

Asked by jlm11f (12413points) May 20th, 2008

I have an Acer laptop that I bought Nov, 2005. It works great, but I think the resolution (?) is dying. Every time I turn it on, for about the first 30–45 min or so, all images/videos played on the screen have green/pink tinges on them (kind of like when you put a “body heat” effect on an image, and it focuses colors on specific parts), and so I cannot watch movies or see pictures until it becomes okay. The tinge effect is also on the desktop background. I know this probably doesn’t make much sense because it is hard to describe, but I think this is what is called a resolution problem? Anyways, any solution for fixing it without having to buy a new laptop? (poor college student here). Please feel free to ask for clarifications and thank you for helping! PS – I cannot take a screenshot, because on your computer the picture will show without the tinge effects…i think.

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I’d guess one of two things, both based on the fact that it clears up when it heats up. One, could be a loose or possibly cracked ribbon cable from the mainboard to the display. You want to open up the case and physically inspect the ribbon cable, and reseat the cable connections at both ends.

Two, possibly a failing video controller, which starts working better once it warms up. That could be a poor solder join or loose socket (unlikely that its a socketed chip) that doesn’t make good contact until it expands.

Option 1 strikes me as the most likely, since you don’t mention tearing or streaks or dead areas on the screen. If you don’t mind going into the case, I’d bet you could fix this.

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Thank you for your answer chaosrob! I will definitely open up the case to try your suggestion. I have opened it once before, but I am not sure what the ribbon cable is (?), but once i find the right screwdriver for the job, i will do some research!

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Look for something like this or this.

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okay. will do. i will report back here once i try your solution!

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