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Where else would you put an airbag?

Asked by zensky (13372points) January 20th, 2012
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Whipped cream?

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I guess wherever I need a bag of air…

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In the cockpit of a Soyuz.

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Everywhere I practically could. Are there airbags for legs? I’ve read somewhere that in bad crashes shins can get broken.
So, lots of airbags from all directions. Kind of like the Mars craft

Heck, take it one step more….How about airbags to protect expensive components in the vehicle, engine parts, electronics, etc that possible can translate in a high g crash?

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On the edges of doors, where if you don’t quite get it open far enough you run into it.
On the corner of the freezer door where I always bump my head.
On the coffee table leg that I usually stub my toe on.
On the seat of my riding lawn mower.
On my knees….when I’m on my knees.

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Sheesh, I misread this question as “What else would you put in an airbag.” Sorry.

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The topics offer further explanation ~

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Indeed. <blushing>

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That’s a good place for one.

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