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XBOX 360 with Call Of Duty 4, or an iPhone with 2 years of service?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) May 20th, 2008

My mom gave my cousin the option of an XBOX 360 with Call Of Duty 4, or an iPhone with 2 years of service. I am really not sure what he should choose because they are both very tempting and fancy. And for the record the 360 is an elite. Please help little Joey.

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If your cousin needs to purchase now (like, today), I’d say XBox and COD. If you can wait a bit, rumor is that the next version of the iPhone will be released in June. Your cousin may want to wait for a few weeks and, if a new iPhone is released, decide then.

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I would go with the iPhone. @chaddg: where did you hear this rumor? Are you sure you’re not thinkin’ of the iPhone SDK? (Which by the way I’m so psyched for!)

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There are a plethora of rumors about the new iPhone 3G. is a pretty reliable source for all things mac.

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iPhone w/ 2 years of service is definitely more practical and useful. Plus with a 360, after a few weeks you’ll have to continue spending money on games to keep your interest

So I say iPhone all the way.

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I agree with maverick, but the 360 does have good FPSes, and more are coming out. If that’s what he wants to play, I would go with the 360.

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Lets do a cost benefit analysis
– XBox 360 with COD4 = $ 500
– iPhone with 2yrs of service = $400 + 24 X $60 = $ 1360 (though theres a rumor that At&t might sell it for $ 200 with a new 2yr contract)

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You might also want to take into account how responsible this cousin is. If he got an iphone, would it end up in a toilet, or broken? A lot more could happen to an iPhone, than a 360.

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iphone, that deal’s worth WAY more money. he could get a part time job and buy himself and xbox and cod4 wit a month or even two weeks work. An Iphone for two years is probably over $2500 total.

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@monsoon, its worth 1860 (with a data plan) or 1360 (with the basic plan)

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iPhone I would die w/o my iPhone has everything to keep me entertained and to find my way around town because I am directionally challenged

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still worth way more.

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How old is your cousin?

If he’s 12, I’d say go for the xbox 360.
If he’s 18, I’d say go for the iphone.
If he’s 25, I’d say go for the xbox 360.

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