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How good are you at taking your own advice?

Asked by Blueroses (18232points) January 20th, 2012

It’s pretty easy to advise somebody when you feel you’re above or beyond his/her situation.

Do you ever stop and look at your response and realize you are saying words that you don’t live?

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Not nearly as good as I would like to be.

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Sometimes I forget or do not see a situation as being the same until it is pointed out to me. Once I can see it, I am pretty good at listening to myself.

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My own advice? From myself? Are you kidding? I give fantastic advice, universes are mended when people follow my advice. Therefore, I can’t take my own advice. It’s one of those laws of emotional physics things.

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I’m not very good, I admit.

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Ummm…I think I do what I would advise others to do.

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On some occasions I am better at doing this than others, but my general answer to this question is the very reason why I identified with Carrol’s (and to a certain degree, Disney’s): I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.

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Okay but a lot of advice I give comes from hard learning, the kind I wish I’d been given or if I was given it, I wish I’d followed. My Grandpa helped me a lot by saying, “this was my life, this is what I did and what happened so you might want to try these other ways to get where/what you want.”

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Are you kidding? I am the Michael Jordan of taking my own advice.

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When giving people advise, I will usually tell them exactly what I would do but there are times when I know of a situation and tell them what should probably be done but that I can’t honestly say that it would be something I would feel comfortable doing or that honestly I don’t think I would be in that predictament in the first place.
Lets say someone ask for advice on what to do after telling their boss off and they really need their job.
1. Been there and not done that. (tell a boss off when I needed the job.)
Swallowed my pride till I had another job lined up and kept my tounge still incase in the future I still need said jerk as a reference.
2. But if I had blown up and didn’t really need the job. (did that) I would not mention it unless he/she does.
3. Blow up at a boss who was being a jerk in private and needed the job. (done that) I took her to lunch that day to explain that her behavior wasn’t acceptable and that she should be aware that I did not need the job (unlike her situation where she needed her job) and equally I did not need her erratic behavior and her trying to embarrass me publicly. I told her the next time she did something disrespectul that I would publically embarrass her to the point she would not be able to come to work ever because she would not be able to face people and that I have been keeping track or her behavior and would report it to the hirer ups. She made peace with me an behaved much better.
I don’t know that I would’ve gone through all that because it was a bluff and she fell for it.
But my advice to someone who has done that will be to do number 1 and appologize even though I would rather burn and may actually not do that myself. I would advise that because it isn’t my neck on the line.

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“Practice what you preach”.

99% of the time, I really do try.

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A lot of advice I give is because of something I did that worked or something that didn’t work, so do something else. Hindsight, as they say. . . . . Do I take my own advice now? I think things through more thoroughly than I used to and I listen. But, I sometimes don’t want to follow my advice and procrastinate despite knowing what I ought to do. And that’s the truth.

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Depends on the issue.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Of course, it depends on the issue, but that is my point.

Do you take a stance, advise others, based on your stance and then ever realize that your advice, while being good advice, is not what you actually live?

I’m not picking on anyone. I’m not trying to point out inconsistencies. Our humanity really is our inconsistencies.

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@Blueroses Oh, generally no. I live by what I say.

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Probably not. I would say if I need advice, I am likely to be too close to the situation to see what I should be doing anyway.

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I’m bluntly honest in all ways. I live by what I say and do.

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Pretty good, I think, except when it’s advice I give to my kids. Like: Procrastination makes everything harder, or Never smoke cigarettes! It’s too late for me, I imagine, but I want them to be and do better than me, you know?

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