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How does Mrs. Gingrich do that with her hair?

Asked by Sunny2 (18795points) January 20th, 2012

When I first saw Mrs. G’s hair, I thought it looked like a helmet with a swoop across the brow. I wondered if it was a wig. I wondered if was lacquered. It certainly is sleek. Anybody know how to achieve that look?

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Look like a very common mid 1960s look.

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Yeah, and while we are at it: How do owls do it?
I guess it must involve loads a hair spray and a mould.

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@Charles I don’t recall anything like that from the 60’s, but it may depend on where you lived at that time.
@rebbel A mould (mold, here) is an interesting idea.

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I have no idea, but this question amuses me.
I’d guess a lot of product.

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Ugh, I’m fluthering from my phone again.

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