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Do you know someone who doesn't know their eye color?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25184points) January 20th, 2012

Is there a name for every eye color? Usually, it’s quite obvious. Someone has brown eyes or blue eyes.. there is just no question. I don’t think that is always the case, though.
I ask, because, I don’t actually know what color my eyes are. I often say that they are grey, or green… but most of my life people called them blue. My license says they are green, but I think they might be grey. I’m not really sure. I have met other people with the same issue, so, I’m curious to know how common it is.
Do you know someone who has a unique eye color that is difficult to categorize? Do you have a unique eye color?

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Yep, a blind guy who never was told nor bothered to ask what color his irises are. Then again, doesn’t matter.

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Are they hazel? Which I think is a greenish, grayish blue.

I think you really need to define your actual eye color if you can. My mom has blue eyes and I thought my dad (who died when I was a teen) had green eyes. I have dark brown eyes. Someone told me about 15 years ago that a green and a blue couldn’t make a brown eyed baby. I was very upset over this until I found my dad’s license and it said brown eyes.

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Sounds like you have eyes like my younger brother. The state thinks his eyes are blue (that’s what his California ID says, anyway), but we’ve always called them grey. Some people say green, others blue, and maybe one or two will say grey. They look somewhat different depending on the light. It’s kind of neat.

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@chyna I don’t think so, I think they are too light to be hazel. I think hazel eyes have more brown, my eyes are definitely light… though I have gold around the pupil.
@muppetish yeah, I know it isn’t all that unique. There has to be an actual name for eye colors like this. No? Every time I think of it, I think myself in circles. :)

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My daughter and I have a yellow green eye color. I believe it is called “champagne” or “whiskey”. She insists though she has blue eyes like her mom.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought oooh, I have never heard of them described that way, but I can imagine the color. How pretty!

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My husband has light brown, I call them amber brown. His mom has hazel in my opinion, I am not sure what she calls them.

I think people with greenish and greyish eyes tend to have a hard time defining their eye color, because that color often changes depending on what color you are wearing, or the lighting. The yellow in greens eyes might come out more in one circumstance, the brown in another. Also blue can seem greyish.

There have been times when I see someones eye color and they say they have a different color than what I see as their eye color.

So, I guess it does happen, but I don’t think it is very often actually.

When someone guesses or calls my eye color anything other than blue I find it very odd. I think of myself as having very blue eyes, I don’t see how they can be seen any other way? But, it has happened to me a few times.

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@JLeslie I agree with you. I find people who have lighter eyes, like mine, tend to shift greatly due to the ambient lighting.

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@JLeslie that’s what I mean. I think, typically, people have an obvious eye color. I think some of us fall into this weird category that is hard to pinpoint. It’s less distinct, maybe?

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@ANef_is_Enuf Yeah, and eyes typically are not a solid color, they have some variation, some flecks, that can effect how people perceive the color I think. Dark brown are not likely to be seen differently by people, but I think many of the other colors are. Plus, I realized several years ago that blue green colors I either see more green than other people, or more blue, I cannot remember which. It was not regarding eyes, it happens sometimes in clothing stores or when choosing fabrics. My point is people perceive color differently to begin with. The majority of the population probably sees most colors very similarly, and then some of us near the fringes see some colors slightly differently, and then color blind is an extreme.

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@JLeslie I just asked this question on my Facebook, and one of my friends said the same thing.
That’s an interesting point, though. Makes a lot of sense.

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I used to have definitely brown eyes. They are no longer brown and have changed to what is probably hazel. Sometimes they look blue or greenish. Next time I need to get a new picture on my driver’s license, I will have the final official decision made by the wise arbiter, the DMV clerk. Who else cares?

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My eyes must be about like yours. My mother, waxing poetic, once said they were the color of the winter sky. So I’d say not unique, no, but definitely not distinct and unambiguous.

I usually put “blue” on forms, but they are as much gray and green as blue. They’re just light-colored, and that’s about it.

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@Jeruba that sounds like my son. I stood at the passport counter a few summers ago and me and the lady behind the counter could NOT come up with a colour for his eyes. They used to be blue, like his pappa’s but now they have gone kind of a grey/green/blue. He is only 7, so I suppose they may keep changing a bit. His hair is the same. He is ‘strawberry blonde’ I guess you would call it, but on the light side, so that in the summer it really is more blonde. No forms I have come across let you put ‘strawberry blond’, so we usually end up putting ‘red’, but his hair is not red.

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We don’t have the eye problem (my kids, their dad, and I all have varying degrees of brown eyes), but two of my kids have a very indistinct hair color. Somewhere between dirty blond, red and brown. It’s confusing!

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@augustlan So what do they list on their liscense as hair color? What does a bald person list as hair color?

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@chyna Only one has her license, so far. I’ll have to ask her what it says!

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I have very blue eyes but sometimes they are gray, then green and in some lights even violet. It really depends on the lightening. My wife’s eyes change depending on the mood she is in. She typically has blue eyes with a golden circle around her pupils but when she is angry they turn very light blue and when she is sad they become dark.

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I have blue eyes, but I often have people tell me very convincingly that I have green eyes. I do have a ring of hazelnut brown around my pupils which I’m quite fond of. I describe them as being bluish-green.

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