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How can I comfort my niece ?

Asked by Country96 (1points) January 21st, 2012 from iPhone

My husband went to work 2 hours ago and my little niece is really sick and she wants her uncle to stat with her but he had to go to work. He works in Huntington WV and we live in Ohio. He works from 2:00 am till 10 am. She said she’s worried about him getting in a car accident because it’s snowy and icy rain outside and it’s dark. Shes laying down in bed holding her picture of him and she held it close to her chest and she’s crying. She looks really sad. She really misses him. What can I do to comfort her ? She’s 5 years old.

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Hot milk with sugar in it and stroke her head until she settles again…

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Sit down with her, read a book, let her get all her cuddly toys and arrange them around you, if she starts getting calmer consider reading another book….just comfort her, tell her her uncle will be fine, tell her funny stories….

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Mmmmm she is maybe play acting a bit. As @scuniper said, I would read her a good story.

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You need to distract her and get her to think about something else. At that age, their attention span is pretty short, so usually you can redirect them to something else.

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Try music.

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2 am util 10 am? Shouldn’t she be sleeping anyways?
Tell her stores, and play some music for her. Tell her that he’s a good driver, so he will be okay.

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