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Why "Fluther"?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) May 20th, 2008 from iPhone

What does it even mean?

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Where’d you get the name Fluther?
A fluther is a group of jellyfish, like a gaggle of geese (or a taint of tilapia).
“Fluther” is pronounced /‘flʌ ðɚ/. It rhymes with “brother” and “mother”.

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Furthermore…why is the jellyfish the mascot?

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What do you have against jellyfish, anyway?

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Nothing. I was just inquiring.

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Since a Fluther is a group of jellyfish the natural mascot would be a jellyfish…

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jstringham21— Why the hostility against jellyfish? What did they ever do to you?

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Relax Chuck. I never ‘dissed the jellyfishes. I only asked why they are the mascot. Seems strange for a spineless sea creature to be the mascot of anything.

@richmarshall – why call it Fluther in the first place?

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Relax jstringham21— I’m just messing with you. In fact I’ve given you some lurve for “good question.”

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Thanks ive also given you 2–3 lurves for good answer

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You’re not making fun of the spineless are you jstringham21?

not that I meant anything by asking…

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Babo loves Fluther!!!

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And Fluther loves Babo!

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