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What email service do you use and why?

Asked by ycrem (51points) May 20th, 2008

Using Gmail now.

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Hotmail. I think it was the first email service I ever used and I’ve just been too comfortable and stubborn to change servers. Especially since it meant new email address and updating all the sites and people.

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Using gmail now too, but only because my other service, hughes, quit allowing me to send any emails or contact them. We live at sea level between two lines of hills and have to use a satellite dish. Hughes is the only server we can get with the dish. And they’re terrible. I’m actually living in a different house but when I go home I’m screwed.

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AOL because I’m a lemming and do whatever advertising tells me.

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GMail because Google has me hooked… thankfully, they never tried to shove GMail down my tracheal tube, which is part of the reason I started using it.

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I use two emails. One for work related issues (which I hate since it has a very limited file transfer and file storage capacity) and the other (Gmail) for personal stuff. I will say though, I find the ads on the side kind of creepy. They scan your email messages and try to target the ads based on that. Uggghhh.

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Outlook Express and Yahoo Mail

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I have three email addresses.
1. Gmail – I love it and use it with everyday web stuff like using it with web services.
2. AOL – aol has this called customized email addresses where they let you have your emails at your own domain for free. So i use aol’s custom email as a less cluttered email services to manage work related emails and to manage secure web services like paypal, etc.
3. UMass Mail – it sucks but i have to use it for college stuff

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i use gmail, its a great email client that i can use to send emails with a different address which i really like. Have been with them since they announced it. l love my email, plus its easy to use and i can google search my email. how cool is that.

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Gmail also has a most excellent spam filter. I also like being synced into other applications, like docs, spreadsheets, photos, etc. Lots of storage. Reliability. Ability to check and send from other email accounts. A cool logo. Software that lets me check mail from my mobile phone.

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Love my Gmail.
Just tonight, I got an e-mail from someone, e-mailed them back, and then they just Gchat’d me back and we talked about my question. Love it. Does Yahoo or Hotmail have a chat feature built in to the e-mail for fellow users from the same domain?

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Trustinglife yes Yahoo has a chat feature. I personally have been using Yahoo for years. I know there are better email services out there but what has held up my transition is having to go through the pain of contacting so many people and giving them my new address. Specially those who I haven’t been in contact with for awhile. Now that we are on this subject, would a “forward” option work to have these emails deverted to the “new address”?

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gmail works good on iphone

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2 gmail (1 using my own domain name) and 2 exchange accounts.

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Gmail – easy (to use & for people to remember), works (web interface & with iphone) & looks good. why use something else? i’m content. =]

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