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If I sent a link to my ex boyfriend that was an email in my yahoo email account, can he access my email?

Asked by gravity (3116points) January 21st, 2012

I realized the url link that I sent my ex in an email (of a confirmation of the flowers I ordered for him for his daughter-in-law) opens in my email account. I went in and looked at my sent mail to see if the link was showing his confirmation and pic of the flowers, it opened up my email account. I then logged out and changed my password. Will he still have access to my account?

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No. He can’t get into your email account without knowing your password.

He doesn’t know your email password, does he?

Without knowing the actual link, I can’t say exactly what will happen. But he’ll either get stopped at the login page to Yahoo, or at a login page at the flower site, or just get a broken link that goes nowhere.

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A URL is a web address to a specific web location, not your email. Being in your email has nothing to do with it.

The URL to your email is your email address. Unless he has the password, he can’t get in.

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Ok, this makes me feel better! No, he doesn’t know my password. I had copied the web address for the page that showed the confirmation in my email. I figured he would have to type in a password though especially since I had logged out and then changed it. Hope all my jellies are having a beautiful night!

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Good to know.

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