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how do i get rid of foot pain?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) June 26th, 2007

i stepped funny on my foot a few weeks ago when i got out of bed, then it got better, then it got hurt again when i was carrying my bike on my shoulder down some stairs (which i do all the time.) now the pain only lessens when i wear my sneakers tied tight. the pain is in the arch of my foot.

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I am not a health practitioner. But if the pain you are feeling is in the arch and toward the heel of your foot then it is possible that you have a condition called plantar fascitis. You might do a search on the net for this condition to see if the descriptions seem to fit and to determine if you want to proceed with a health care expert for treatment.

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I had this problen in my arches and over the bridge of my foot too. I got myself an elasticated ankle support that went around both places. I could strap it tightly because it had an adjustible strap, so I changed the pressure daily depending on the pain level. It soon cleared up.

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I get this pain sometimes as well. I do runner stretches every night, and it makes it feel a whole lot better. This includes stretching your arch against the wall, and/or going up on your toes and back to your heels in reps.

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I have had success in having someone I trust manipulate my foot, moving the bones around until they "pop" like knuckles.

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so after the initial muscle strain, i went to the beach and stepped on a skewer (!) so now it hurts more. i think i will try epsom salts. what about this bandage business?

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Oh No! Try using some pressure bandage when walking around or standing. It'll give you support and protect whichever part of your foot you skewered. I hope it feels better soon!

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where do i get such a pressure bandage? at the drugstore? last time i did this for a foot injury, it ended up harming my achilles tendon.

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You should be able to get one from the drugstore. If not there then a sports shop would likely sell them. Maybe you should go to a physio.

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