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What is the difference between a curse, a cuss and a swear?

Asked by Quandry (45points) May 20th, 2008

Going back to the old schoolyard days, I knew they were all bad, but what is the difference?

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where you come from… In NY it’s a curse.

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probably what trudacia said. Although I vary between saying all three.

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Curse: a “spell” that witches, wizards, and mages etc. can cast upon you.
Cuss: that crazy old guy who lives on the corner and creeps people out.
Swear: a promise with penalty of death.

or, they’re all naughty words and a plague would be upon you if you uttered any of the words classified as a “curse,” “cuss,” or “swear.”

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It depends, but my intuition says “Nothing.”

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Per Merriam Webster:

Curse: A prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one
Cuss: Alteration of curse
Swear: To take an oath is the primary meaning; to use profane or obscene language

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There just different words for the same thing.

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Personally I prefer swearing… don’t have to wish injury upon somone, it’s just got to be a very colourful expression…

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