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Y-a-t'il un site comme Fluther en français?

Asked by submariner (4165points) January 21st, 2012

Is there a site like Fluther in French? I searched and found a Yahoo! Answers site in French, but is there anything else?

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Je n’ai rien trouvé.

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All I can seem to find are French Q&A sites that center on certain specific subjects. Nothing like here. But looking for ’‘q&a’’ might not be the best idea…I can’t even find any similar sites like Fluther in English…even if technically, over here is a q&a site.

I did find this. TopFouine. Not familiar with it, but it seems better than that YA French version. Seems really technical and not too conversation based though. I was going to list more examples, but as I said they’re all really standard Q&A fare. I switched my Google to French for the search, and I didn’t really get anything that encompasses the general and everything in between. (that is though, without thorough searching) French sites like this exist for sure, but like Fluther, if someone doesn’t know about it and isn’t active on it, they won’t know about it unless they randomly stumble on it.
Maybe there’s a French version of ’‘Sac de Questions’’. Let’s hope not. XD Good luck though. Actually, let me know if you do find one. :D

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If the Great King Neptune would set up a site or sub-domain en Français, that any Fluther member could jump over to, I would participate. My French is very rusty. I’d welcome the opportunity to begin regularly using it and get back my proficiency with French.,

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@digitalimpression I was gonna say, that’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Until I saw that all the answers were in English. Lol. Also, notice the fine print at the bottom of the page.

Still, cool lol.

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@Symbeline Ya, I don’t speak french, so no idea what that fine print means. XD

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In short, it’s saying that the translation might be bullshit, as a whole. XD It’s doing a fine job though, which is why I thought it would be awesome to check out some answers…but those weren’t translated. How did you do that, anyways?

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Well it sure fuckin beats Babelfish amirite? :D Cool find.

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I’m not sure how useful a French Fluther would be. It would just be an independent (and little used) Q&A site with the same graphics as Fluther. It wouldn’t be part of our Fluther community here.

Now, Google can automagically translate pages from one language to another, but questions and answers that you type go in exactly as you type them (which makes it a pain to go to a translation site every time you want to post an answer in a fast-moving discussion).

I think a nifty solution would be a sort of proxy server that will translate in both directions. I.e., web page displays are translated from English to your native language. And everything you type in dialog boxes is translated from your language to English.

Besides, I think there should be a Q&A site in Klingon. K’plah!

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Je pense que non!

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Comme ci comme ca.

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Ce serait formidable si nous pouvions le faire dans une section spéciale ici.

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Que sera, sera.


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Merci à tous. Feel free to mention Fluther-like sites in languages other than French, if you know of any.

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