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Facebook Question: How can I rearrange my Wall photos?

Asked by Hain_roo (1700points) January 22nd, 2012

When I try to push them around I get a red circle with a line through it, indicating the photo is locked. I’ve gone to Edit Album> Edit photos, and there I just get the option to move a specific photo to another album. Thanks!

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I know I was able to do it before, and suddenly my pics are all out of sequence

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@Hain_roo I’ve had trouble re-sizing and editing photos lately, too. I think it has something to do with the updates FB is installing. My best guess is that you’ll be able to re-arrange your photos once the updates are completed.

Maybe you can post this to Facebook Help, or write on your wall to see if someone on FB knows what’s going on?

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^^^ I’ll do that, thanks @SpatzieLover !

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