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Anyone have funny stories or pictures of their Siamese cat? (Other breeds are welcome too)

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) January 22nd, 2012

I am absolutely in love with my cat. Hes a Lynx-Point Siamese named Ty. Hes currently 6 months old and the biggest pain in the a** goof ball ever. He loves to stalk you, stare at you from across the room then charge you, when he gets to you he just stops and looks at you like “crap what do I do now?”. He plays fetch, I trained him to climb up my body from the floor to my shoulders and one of his favorite things to do is lay across my shoulders and watch me do the dishes.

Ah I could go on and on about him, but I want to hear your stories about your cat/s and see pictures of them if you have any.

What do you say? Feel like bragging? or complaining :p

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I don’t have a Siamese cat.
But my cat Chaos (before he ran away) used to hog my queen sized bed. O.o I’d get up, and move, so that I had room to sleep, and he’d move over more. Haha. He was a bed hog.
He also stole my ice cream once. O.o
And he would get all jacked up on Catnip, and swat at the air. He’s crazy.
Miss him. :(

Oh, and on Christmas the year I got him my sister and I decided he was going to get married to her cat, Lilah. Several months later we discovered that Lilah was a boy. Erikah changed his name to Lucas… XD

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@AshLeigh Im so sorry he ran away! Sounds like he was one hell of a cat haha. Do you have any pictures of him?

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@InkyAnn, he sure was. Haha. I loved him more then anything. I do have a few pictures, that I found, but since I only have them on Facebook I’m not sure how to post them here. O.o

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@AshLeigh Click on the pic to make it big, then right click and select “open image in new tab”, then go to the new tab with the pic on it, right click again and select “copy image URL”.

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We have two cats. This is my best bud. Our vet thinks she’s half abyssinian. It’s a bit of a mystery because her brother from the same litter is such a standard looking tabby (here they are together). The vet thinks they have different dads.

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I am a Siamese lover too, from way back.
I currently have an almost 3 yr. old female Tortie Point Siamese and have had 3 others over the years that all lived til ripe old ages.
I also just adopted a tuxedo ragdoll from the shelter 7 weeks ago and he is a dream. Loving, playful, super laid back, monster in your arms kinda guy. :-D

My female is very playful and affectionate on her terms, so it’s a nice blend. I get floppy lap cat and pissy princess don’t touch me! lol

I don’t have any way to put up a pic in the moment unless I put one in my avatar, but, I love siamese, himalayan, ragdoll types.

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@InkyAnn I hope Chaos decides to come back. But male cats are notorious for trying out one after another human.

@AshLeigh Ty is a seriously handsome guy. Here’s my tabby/Maine Coon Cat mix, Spoony THE Cat, replacing my son’s viola for a quick cat nap. She is a genius at finding creative places to sleep.

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I have what is called a “Snow Shoe Siamese.” She has white feet, but dark legs. I would guess a snow shoe Siamese is half Siamese, half something else. She’s on my lap right now. She’s a real lap cat. She sleeps on my bed every night, and in the morning she waits for me to wake up and she jumps off the bed first and precedes me into the bathroom.

She had kittens once, just one litter before I spayed her. She had six kittens, 3 were Siamese and 3 were tabby. The Siamese ones were nasty and hissed a lot. Most of the kittens had six and seven paws. If I had more space, it would have been great to keep one but I was in a small apartment and had two cats, total, so that was enough.

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@ETpro, I think you switched up the names. :)
But thanks. I know he’s probably gone forever. But I’ll never give up hope. ;)

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I’m pretty sure you meant six or seven TOES.

Six or seven paws could be quite cumbersome and freaky looking :D

I also had a polydactal cat. She had an extra toe on each front paw. I named her Kitten Mitten since that extra toe made it look exactly like she had mittens on. And she maintenrd her playful kittenish energy and persona even till the ripe old age of fifteen when she passed away.

I don’t have any good pics of her but the link below is of my current cat, Smoochy. She’s also a dilute Callie like KM was. I really like Callies, they are such little clowns.

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If you click on each pic it will open up to larger size.

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If you like cats finding comfy places, you’ll appreciate the website below. Sometimes if i need to brighten up my day, I just head over there and keep clicking. Smoochy is on there somewhere also.

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@AshLeigh Sorry. I thought I had the names switched, but was out of efit tine when I came back to fix it.

@Buttonstc How cat’s avoid that sinking feeling. Thanks, that;s a truly fun site.,

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@Buttonstc: Yes, I meant six or seven TOES! It was late when I wrote that! I wish I kept one of the kittens, it was cool that they had big flappy feet but as I said, I didn’t have room at the time.

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Yeah I figured that. But it just struck my funny bone and I couldn’t stop giggling. I had to say something to get that improbable image out of my head :)

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