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Any way to force an iPhone to NEITHER make a sound NOR vibrate when it gets connected to electric current?

Asked by marmoset (1307points) January 22nd, 2012 from iPhone

I regularly need to do long rides on a bus line that has electric outlets. The outlets have a weird issue (common to all buses the company runs, and I’ve never seen this issue anywhere else with my phone) where the power will shut off briefly and turn back on every 10 seconds or so. So I can’t stand to plug my phone in because depending on its settings it will either vibrate in my hands or chime and interrupt my music every 10 seconds.

Am I missing any hack or undocumented setting here? I’m not jailbroken (and for the moment I need to be still running OS4—obviously I’d be thrilled to hear if this will be easy to fix once I’m running OS5). Thanks!

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That’s really an atypical type of Q best answered by a “product specialist” not just the front line telephone people on Apples help number.

Are you aware that your iPhone automatically come with two years of free telephone support? Not outsourced to some far off country but right where you live. Heck, my iPhone is three years old and they haven’t refused to help me yet.

1–800— MY IPHONE

Be sure to request that they bump you up to a product specialist and you’ll get a definitive answer.

My offhand guess would be “no” but I’m just another iPhone user.

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Thanks, I should try that.

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Its never failed me yet. But I’m also realistic enough to know that not everybody knows everything regardless of their title.

If I didn’t get a satisfactory answer from the first person I spoke to, I called back again and got connected yo someone different.

After a while you begin to get a better feel who knows what they’re talking about and who’s just reading the manual :)

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