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I'm too hot, she's too cold. What do we do?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) January 22nd, 2012

Last night, my pal came over for a sleepover and turned up my heat to 77. I keep it on 68. I was grateful when she left in the middle of the night, per air mattress deflating, so I cold turn it down. She can add layers, but I can only open the window, and take off so much. Do you think it’s rude to mess with other folks thermastat? I want to tell her to learn a manner or 2.

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The answer is in the facts of reality. If one is cold, one can always pile on heat retaining covering. If one is hot, there is only so many layers you can remove until there are no more options. Keep it cold, and make sure your guests have blankets. If they screw with the thermostat, cancel the over night invitations.

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I agree 100% with you, and No-one should be messing with you thermostat but you .

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I find messing with someone eldest thermostat to be very rude and inconsiderate. Instead I would have asked something along the lines of, “is it just me or is it cold in here?” Or asked for another blanket.

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To heat another persons entire house to your suiting is really rude.

If she is cold blooded then you might offer her a throw or the likes but for her to up the temp (and your bill) is unacceptable.

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Having guests can suck like that. Usually I just deal with it. One person is going to be uncomfortable so I would prefer it to be me. In the future you can just not let them spend the night.

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She’s coming over for a sleepover and taking care of me. If she’s a considerate lover, I give her the keys to the thermostat. I can put up with a little heat for a lover I love.

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77? That’s insane. It is not OK to change someone’s thermostat.

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She can wear a sweatshirt.

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77?!?! In the winter? i didn’t know thermostats had a 7 digit in the 10s place! I’m pretty sure mine has never seen it. 66 is as high as it has ever been.

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That is pretty rude. I’d have a talk with your friend if I were you.

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Strange bedfellows.

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I appreciate the sentiment of @johnpowell‘s response, and I guess that I’d reluctantly go along with it. (But I would never do that if I were the visitor.)

I’d recommend an electric blanket and a sweater for the wilting flower next time.

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If this continues, home depot has a lock box to cover and secure your thermostat.

That should tell her something.

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I can’t imagine what her heating bill is if she keeps her house that warm all winter. That was very rude of her. I would invest in a space heater for her if I were you and tell her kindly to not touch the thermostat.

This is our second winter using propane to heat our home. We kept our house at about 68–70F last year and it cost us $1500 to heat our home for the winter. This year we have it set at 62F and we’ve only spent $700 so far. We need to fill the tank again soon, but we won’t spend nearly as much as we did last year. Maybe she needs to come stay with us and see what it’s like to have to rely on a propane tank and have to deal with COD for fuel since we rent. She’ll learn to bundle up and conserve. Knee high socks and finger less gloves are lifesavers. ;)

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@Adirondackwannabe There was no cuddling or orgasms involved. Just an old buddy.

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@jazmina88 No lovemaking? Then I change my vote. I was going for the warm sauna sex.

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Clearly the only solution to this problem is you both turn off the thermostat and freeze. It’s the only way…

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I agree that tampering with anothers house temp. is crossing a boundary, but, I’m a warmth monger myself. I don’t want to be hot, but I do want to be warm.
My heat goes down to 60–62 at night, but, when I am home during the day I want to be cozy, this means keeping the temp. around 68–75 depending on how cold it is. I’d say average is 70–72 which does nicely for my well insulated little abode.

I can say also however, that being cold at others homes is not a good time for me.
My ex in-laws used to keep their house really chilly and it just made socializing uncomfortable for me a lot of the time.
When I have company I always ask them if they are comfortable, too hot, too cold, just right, and adjust the heat accordingly.
It’s a bonus being single, no thermostat wars for me, I am queen of my own heating throne. lol

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Anyone else think this was some kind of relationship question when you first read it? Or was it just me?

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@Keep_on_running Haha, yes, yes I did. I thought it was the hot male/cold female gig, the usual cohabitating issues. lol

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