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Care to share your Fluther haiku?

Asked by sndfreQ (11724points) May 20th, 2008 from iPhone

There are a few discussions about poetry, favorite sayings, and haiku in general. If you feel up to the task, would you care to share an original haiku about the collective? Enjoy!

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Fluther, it is awesome
it can’t get any better
wow I love Fluther

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A Fluther of fish
Jellyfish that is of course
You! Write a haiku!

Wow, that was bad.

Kay's avatar

So many questions
Users float through like jellyfish
The collective speaks.

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By the way…feel free to submit as many as you like :)

xxporkxsodaxx's avatar

@kay, your second line seems to have 8 syllables

U-sers float through like jel-ly-fish

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Ah. A great question
Now I have more lurve than you
mmm. I smell jellies.

Kay's avatar

@xxporkxsodaxx: Nope, 7 syllables:

Edit: But seems to disagree with this. Hmm..

ljs22's avatar

Fluther: thanks to you
I told the world how many
times I pee each day.

AstroChuck's avatar

Hey, I found five bucks!
I’ll never ever spend you.
Look! It’s a Starbucks!

AstroChuck's avatar

hey, that had nothing to do with Fluther, did it?

kevbo's avatar

Why? What? Where? When? Who?
Or is it whom? gail, please!
Let your lurve light shine!

Trustinglife's avatar

Tap the collective
Every day, every which way
Why – I do not know

xxporkxsodaxx's avatar

@kay, well idk, it just seems weird I guess, but at first I did the whole Haiku and it said 15 syllables, that thing seems slow but I don’t know I still say it’s a Haiku.

pattyb's avatar

There once was a man from Nantucket….
no wait…....oh never mind

AstroChuck's avatar

What is this Fluther?
Some kind of cyber-crack, this.
I can’t seem to quit.

kevbo's avatar

So many questions.
So many answers. Easy to
create. Hard to find.

kevbo's avatar

Penny for my thoughts?
Hot damn! I’ll be rich in no—
wait, what?! You lurve me???

kevbo's avatar

In the beginning,
ben and ‘drew coded Fluther
and saw it was good.

marinelife's avatar

Many wise jellies
Ask and answer night and day
Fluther on, sweet one.

brownlemur's avatar

To Andrew and Ben
Thank you for this great web site
Now I have no life.

AstroChuck's avatar

brownlemur- Great haiku!

ezraglenn's avatar

a blue and orange
sea of lightbulb medusae
clinging together

phoenyx's avatar

I asked about this
and it’s both the “Best Question”
and “Gayest Question”

breedmitch's avatar

I try and try yet
still some of these folks can not
use “their” correctly.

gailcalled's avatar

Kev said:

“Why? What? Where? When? Who?
Or is it whom? gail, please!
Let your lurve light shine!”

Thanks awfully, Kevin,
Line two is six not seven.
Whom cares? Not myself.

bluemukaki's avatar

I want those stars,
Oh, and I answer plenty;
Don’t get great answers.

skfinkel's avatar

Deftly floating group,
wandering into the void,
Sweet lights of wisdom.

skfinkel's avatar

Deep night silent lone
A light beckons “Here we are!”
Fluther with others.

skfinkel's avatar

this is fun!

Wildly scattered thoughts
Many people known and not
Is that the Fluther?

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Thanks everyone! You made my day :) keep them coming if the spirit so moves you!

gailcalled's avatar

My cat claws my socks.*
Who is whom? In the melee
It is hard to tell.

*Which are on my feet.
“Ouch,” I shriek. MIlo stalks off,
My foot in his mouth.

sndfreQ's avatar

jellies float along
in vastness of interwebs
lurve still makes us glow

marinelife's avatar

New jellies each day
The collective grows larger
Pulsing gently on.

sndfreQ's avatar

How can I convey
To those who err so often
It’s “de-fin-ite-ly!”

Trustinglife's avatar

We float and ponder
Wondering about all things
Questions come from where?

BoyWonder's avatar

Plenty of dummies
Searching for brains in their ass
Hark! Discovery!

Aesthetic_Mess's avatar

In the beginning,
ben and ‘drew coded Fluther
and saw it was good

I LOVE this one!!!

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