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What is the perfect day to you ?

Asked by EverRose11 (1026points) January 23rd, 2012

I am just curious, I know all the answers will be extremely different from one another, Or will they ? We shall see for in reality we are not all that different from one another.

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My mood is way too variable to come up with one perfect day. What I might want as a perfect day this minute may change 15 minutes from now. Hmm wondering what that says about me.

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Getting up and having breakfast on the porch of a restaurant with an ocean view. Walking along the beach afterward, picking up shells. Then going for a drive around the perimeter of the island looking at the views of water and beach. Then a picnic lunch of cheese and bread and salads and fruit and something cool to drink.

Then back to the hotel room for lovemaking and a nap. Then a delicious seafood dinner and a moonlit walk on the beach barefoot.

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Being in the largest Barnes & Noble in New York City (that has a Starbuck’s) during a snowstorm.
At about 8:00 I’d wake up. I’d take a nice hot 30-minute shower (and do the regular routine things of the morning.)
I’d sit at my tiny little dining table and read the Times whilst drinking coffee. This would last until maybe 9:30.
At 9:40, I would set out to the B&N. The snowstorm has not started as of yet. Remember, this is my perfect day. Weather can happen anytime I want.
I’d probably get there around 10:00, depending on where I lived.
Spend about an hour gathering all my books together that I want. (Til 11:00)
Snowstorm starts around 10:30, not full-fledged, but starting with flurries.
Get a nice table by a window in the cafe. Get a large hot cinnamon dolce latte from Starbuck’s. Sit down.
Commence reading (should be around 11:15).
I’d have a lot of books, so I’d probably finish reading around 2:30. Trust me, I can sit anywhere and read for hours
Check out with the books I’ve decided are worth buying.
The snowstorm has picked up by now.
I brave my way and make it to the subway. Board the train. It’s only about 3:00 so it’s not too crowded. Read one of my books while on the train and listening to music.
Get off at my ‘hood and proceed to the local pizza joint. Grab two slices of pizza.
Walk home.
It should be about 3:45.
Change into comfortable clothes. Brew coffee.
Proceed to read one of my books until 5:00 whilst drinking more coffee.
Heat up the pizza on the counter. Eat dinner whilst watching some sort of television.
At 6:00, I pop in a DVD from whatever season of Friends I’m on, and watch. Probably would end around 9.
Read until I go to bed at 12:30.

My perfect day.

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Hiking in the morning, video games during the day, and having a small party at night.

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Hmm, let’s see… are we allowed some measure of fantasy in this exercise? I would want to wake up on one of those rare planets where, against all odds, complex lifeforms have managed to appear and thrive. Maybe I would have a self-regulating and self-repairing body that would be capable of sensing and interacting with this amazing environment on many different levels.

I’d want to spend this day investigating all of the different expressions of life on the planet. Maybe there would be some lifeforms that have actually attained consciousness—if so, I’d love to have some way of communing with them, understanding what their experience is like, and sharing mine with them. It would be fascinating to see if any kind of abstract thought or tool use has evolved; what might they do with such power?

That would be an incredible day.

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Wake up feeling refreshed,have a nice breakfast, walk to school and get there on time, not forget anything at home, have a productive day at school, get back home to a smiling family,have a fulfilling tea, have some ‘me’ time, do my homework, have a nice dinner, read a book, have some milk, go to sleep.
Reality is much different.

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I can think of a few examples. This past Saturday I had a perfect day, as it was snowing from the time I woke up until around 2. My daughter was at my parents’, so I could relax and do whatever I wanted all day. It would have been nice if I could tell you I was extremly productive but I wasn’t. I just hung out, watched TV, played on computer. It was great.

I have had perfect days where I went window shopping in small villages, stopped for a cup of coffee, relaxing and pleasant.

I have had perfect days where I have been on vacation and done great vacation stuff, very memorable.

I have had perfect summer days, where I spent the day on the deck, reading and relaxing.

No perfect day includes work, but a perfect work day would be one where I am up on time at work on time, no stress all day, and shopping in the evening.

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“Perfect” for me is all about peace and relaxation. Today is perfect!
Been storming for several days and am hunkered down in my clean and toasty warm house, have a couple of Netflix dvds to watch, home made soup in the fridge from the other day. No obligations, no work, no calls to make, no pressing biz. to attend to, nowhere to go. Now that is perfect!

Oh, and I have coconut cookies! lol

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I don’t really know how to answer this question. I’m retired, so one day is pretty much like another. I suppose an ideal day for me would be waking up next to my wife, having a great cup of coffee, getting phone calls from my children and granchildren. It would be a sunny day, but not too hot, perhaps around 73 degrees farenheit so I could go riding without suffering too much. And the day would end with my lady and I going out to our favorite restaurant for a nice, relaxing meal. : )

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It’s June, and I’m camping by the Colorado river in Utah. I wake up when the sun shines onto the tent, probably around 7 am. We make a breakfast of purple potatoes with eggs and cheese on a sandwich and spend the morning swimming in the river which is a pleasant temperature of 75 degrees. We pack up and head out and spend the day driving through the beautiful desert with the windows down on a 90 degree day, perfect blue skies with puffy little Mario clouds. We stop often and drive down every interesting road we see. I take a lot of pictures. We listen to only the greatest Hall and Oates songs, and probably some Earth Wind and Fire. We collect pretty rocks at some point during the day and spend a few hours sitting outside for a late lunch, picnicking. Drive into sunset which of course is shockingly beautiful, listening to Herbie Hancock and smoking a j. Camp again and wake up very early to the sound of hot air balloons landing in the field nearby. It’s a balloon festival. Yes.

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It can be a lot of different things that may make for a perfect day for me, but it does have to start with me sleeping in.

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Any day being surrounded by my family

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Nothing beats spending a rainy, miserable day, in my nice warm flat with my boyfriend watching TV, cuddling up and eating cheese and pringles!

Actually, something does beat that. Driving through the Californian desert with my boyfrined (he has to be there for it to be the perfect day) with only a basic idea of where we’re headed. Can’t wait to do that again!

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Waking up refreshed but early in the morning to find a light rain outside. Mr. and I head up to our favorite mountain town where we bounce around on ATV’s along firebreak and old mining trails before pulling into our favorite burger joint that overlooks the valley. An after lunch walk around the town, windowshopping and snuggling while holding hands ends at a great hotel where we clean up, nap and have an outside patio dinner while the sun goes down.

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Waking up early and well-rested, and then doing something worthwhile all through the day. Maybe I’ve gone somewhere. Maybe I helped to build a treehouse, or went boating and had a picnic on an islet with my friends. Maybe I’ve found a real, live mountain with footpaths up the side of it.

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