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Do you POST to youtube?

Asked by 6rant6 (13690points) January 23rd, 2012

I’d like to know how you use YouTube (other than watching videos). Do you post responses? Do you send messages? Do you subscribe to other users and then watch everything they put up?

That kind of stuff.

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I post to YouTube! I occasionally comment on videos, but I like to subscribe to useful channels. I like to vlog myself…

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I have about 20 videos on YouTube, but they are all private. I rarely post comments, but I do subscribe and follower certain users.

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I have two accounts, one daft, one professional. The daft one is for fun things to share with friends. The professional one I use to post teaching videos on for specific pupils.

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Nope, I don’t have anything to share. I don’t bother commenting: too much ignorance.

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I post, I add videos to share to specific people, I keep a list of favorites, i comment, like, etc…

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I post private videos that I share with friends and family. They are published. I have a second account for viewing.

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I have posted around 8 videos to YouTube of local scenes, holidays and a wedding anniversary. I have only commented two or three times.

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No, too many trolls.

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@Paradox25 Trolls… what’s the concern?

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I don’t post videos but I comment, subscribe, message. Alot.

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For those of you who are messaging, what’s the difference between what you message and posts?

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I watch videos on YouTube for entertainment as well as general edification. I watch everything from cute cat videos to historical news footage. I leave comments expressing my opinion if moved to do so. (I don’t spam or troll the comments section). I’m just as likely to leave praise as I am criticism.

I have sent private messages to many different uploaders, and have been pleasantly surprised by how many have responded.

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I only “like” or “dislike” videos now. When it comes to YouTube culture, talk is cheap in my opinion. There are a bunch of reckless trolls there with little to no education at all.

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Yes I believe I have up to 18 now posted on youtube.

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Yes. I often thank people for sharing.

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I agree with Auhsojsa on this one – I only “like” or “dislike” the videos. The only thing I’ve enjoyed on YouTube is spending an hour watching hilarious videos of cats being stupid (or, as they would say, “stoopid”). And yes, it is filled with trolls and people who can’t spell, let alone form a sentence without substituting “ur” for “you’re”, etc.

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