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How do I ignore negative people?

Asked by Prettyjay28 (65points) January 23rd, 2012 from iPhone

i have always been the kind of person to let stuff get to me.

how do you drown out the negative things society says about you or your  relationship

People judge me because Im young and engaged.
I try to hold my head high but everywhere I turn people are throwing negative stuff in my face

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Um, you just do it.

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Multiply them by -1.

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See above. Simply refuse to engage. Sort of like you refuse to eat food you hate.

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Leave the room.

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If you do (the both of you), believe in yourselves and your relationship.
Third parties’ meanings and opinion don’t matter to you then.
Also, acknowledge that whatever you do and/or think, there will always be people that have an opposing way of acting and/or thinking, and that those people will vent it to you (or to others behind your back).
Fortunately, more people—than those ‘negative ones’ will support and agree with you(r relationship).

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You can find places where people won’t judge you that way. But it’s hard to stand up to it day in and day out. Most people I know go somewhere else where they are accepted. Then you live for a number of years. Maybe the people where you came from will change in that time and it won’t be so bad.

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dont answer the phone.
Believe in yourself.

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If someone starts to say something negative, hold up your hand and say, “Stop, just stop with the negativity. If you can’t say something positive, I don’t want to hear it.” Then follow through.

Walk away from people who won’t stop talking negatively around you.

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I generally have a comeback, when a negative word or phrases are said to me.

I am a very positive person and nothing gets to me.

When negativity is spoken, I come back with a positive phrase that usually stops the sitution in its tracks.

Its really what you make of it or just let it go, since you really know better, right?

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Do not answer back.
Imagine them sitting there naked.
Use your Power of Ignore. It’s one of the superpowers everyone is born with. You have to exercise it just like your muscles.

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Avoid questions in the Social section.

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