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Is there a market for custom made backgammon boards?

Asked by gememers (442points) January 23rd, 2012

I want to take a woodworking class and make some backgammon boards. Is there anyone out there that would buy one?

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There are people out there that will buy anything that is custom made if it is quality work.

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I’m sure there is. You might have more luck if you create a personalized gimmick to your boards, like all boards incorporate recycled materials, or local geodes, or are varnished with a unique sap of the local xxx tree that adds a unique bronzing effect or something like that.

Or maybe you feature famous rivalries: e.g. Edison vs. Tesla, Coke vs. Pepsi (build the game pieces out of caps set in resin or something).

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I bet there is! You’d have to keep your prices reasonable.

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I see them all the time at Art and Wine festivals, although people who sell them also make other inlaid wood objects like @augustlan showed in her link.

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Yes, but getting your product to the buyers is the hard part.

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If it is something you would want to look for and buy yourself, you’re very likely not alone. How I got into my biz.

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I would type that into Yahoo or Google and see what you find, I imagine something like that could very well be a ht commodity for some people.

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I wood.

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