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My girlfriend likes Acda & de Munnik, especially De Kapitein.
She learned to sing the total song in Dutch, and from there also the meaning of some words.

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Hmm.. Well, The Gathering and Within Temptations are two of my favorite Dutch bands, but they sing in English. They may have some Dutch songs, though.

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Blof and K’s Choice (Sarah Bettens)

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@Kayak8 the song isn’t in Dutch

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@gememers BLOF is :)

I really like De jeugd van tegenwoordig, though they’re probably not really of much help if you want to learn Dutch.

In general I’m not that much of a fan of Dutch music, but Spinvis is one that is often praised for his lyrics (I hate his singing though), and some other more popular Dutch singers are Guus Meeuwis, BLOF, Acda en De Munnik, De Dijk, etc. (visit their Wikipedia pages and you’ll probably find more in a snap).

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