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Do you tend to admire people with similar or different characteristics to yourself?

Asked by Nimis (13127points) January 23rd, 2012 from iPhone

Another question made me think of this.

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I admire all kinds of people—some who are similar and some who are different.

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Both my daughters married guys that look exactly like them. One daughter is a short red head, as is her husband. They have 4 red headed kids. They look like a parade. :-)
I always joke that my daughters are narcissists because they married men that looked so much like them.
Fortunately, they have diverse personalities so the relationships are pretty balanced.

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I admire people who have traits I consider positive. Some of them are traits I have, and some of them are traits I wish I had.

Edit: I meant characteristics, not traits. But they’re the same thing, right?

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I agree with @augustlan
I admire good character above all, emotional stability, and humor, not necessarily in that exact order, but, it’s the magic 3. lol

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I admire people with differing qualities from me, because sometimes it can seem so alien and inspiring. It’s a whole mystery, and when I come to understand that they get through shit with how they are, I think it’s awesome and makes me want to learn more. Slightly.

People with characteristics similar to mine just seem like assholes. XD

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I admire so many people for various reasons. The people I tend to admire more so are those who have been through tough times(all of us, eh!) yet come through it stronger, wiser and more comfortable in their own skin.

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If I think about it, I admire those people most that can easily begin conversations, are good in social situations, are nice, and have their own opinion, but are open to changing opinions too.

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@stardust and @scuniper Would you say that those characteristics also describe yourself?

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@Nimis yes, for the exception of easily starting conversations, I’m often too shy for that ;)

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I admire people who can explain why they feel the way they do in a way that makes sense, regardless of whether they’re like me or not.

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