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Have not been snowboarding since ACL tear should I be worried?

Asked by Paradox1 (1177points) January 23rd, 2012 from iPhone

I have been snowboarding before and have tentative plans to do so this weekend however the thought just crossed my mind if I’d be able to. I tore my ACL 4 years ago and have not been on the mountain since. How do you think my knee will hold up? I normally don’t have issues with jogging but I can tell that knee is tight and doesn’t feel quite right. Should I be worried about a knee-shattering re-injury or is it common to board with repaired ACL?

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A 4 year injury and you can still feel the tightness? Well just to keep you feeling safe, running backs come back from ACL injuries within 6 months. You had 4 years. If you’re jogging is fine then you should be fine. Although you will be in crouching position often which worries me. Is your damaged knee your back leg on the board? (the one you push down on not facing forward)? There will be enormous pressure on your good stuff (PCL) but it should be fine overall. And it really depends, if your ACL was pounded and has healed should be fine, if it just was damaged by excessive bend over and was just brittle and tender I wouldn’t do it.

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About 12 years ago, I bent my knee backwards and did “fun” things to most of the ligaments in my left knee. I never had surgery to repair it; it wasn’t deemed necessary. Just a few months of physical therapy. However, it still took me a couple of years to manage stairs without a handrail.

I was an avid mountain biker, but I cannot handle bunny-hopping or even powering up a long hill any more. I can drive stick, but in the wintertime it is rough. And if I turn around too quick, I hear a pop and stumble. According the the MRI, I have the knees of a medically-retired football player.

It is possible that your knee was injured in a way that makes snowboarding possible, and it’s also possible that you could mess yourself up badly. Without knowing more about your knee, there really is no telling. Every injury is different.

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As people above have said, each injury is different. I’ve heard of sports-peoples careers ending due to ACL tears, but I also have an acquaintance who tore his, and is now on a snowboarding trip a few months later. If you’re unsure, speak with your doctor. People on the internet can’t really tell how serious your injury is, so advice from us might be worthless.

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This is not a question you can safely ask on Fluther. You need to seek the advice of a physical therapist or sports medicine doctor.

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