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Your wish is my command! What would you like?

Asked by stardust (10544points) January 23rd, 2012

Just for fun, if I could grant you one wish right now, what would that be?
The title is misleading as I’m no genie, but I would if I could ;)

I’d like someone to bring me breakfast in bed now.

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World peace, or if that’s unfeasible, then whirled peas.

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This should be NSFW, or maybe I’m immature.

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@Blackberry the first thing that popped into my head upon reading the question title was “blowjob.”

beccagolling's avatar

To fit into a smaller pair of jeans! >.< I’d be pretty happy then.

Kardamom's avatar

A good night sleep on a comfortable mattress that doesn’t hurt my back with no nightmares or other weird dreams. Just a nice comfortable sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning.

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I’d like someone to tell me I’m allowed to speak again (got Laryngitis). :’( I miss laughing, too. ;D

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Whirled Peas it is @Hawaii_Jake
@Blackberry and @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard How flexible are you guys? See how far you can lean over there and get working on that wishlist of yours!
@scuniper Feel better soon love,x
@Kardamom Hope you get the sleep you want tonight
@beccagolling Slow and steady wins the race is all I can think of now. True though

YARNLADY's avatar

Please help publicize a wonderful charity called Sanctuary for kids

wilma's avatar

My husband to be nice to me.

stardust's avatar

@YARNLADY Done via Facebook.
@wilma I’ll send out the vibes ;)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I’d like a certain lady on my lap.

MilkyWay's avatar

Hmm, how about some ice cream? I really want ice cream.

Keep_on_running's avatar

Infinite wishes, of course. ;)

jazmina88's avatar

I’d love to get this dang mortgage paid off…it;s adjustable.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@MilkyWay I’ve got some Edy’s vanilla bean or chocolate chip. Have a preference?

MilkyWay's avatar

Can I have both? ^-^

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@MilkyWay For you yes. They’re excellent.

wundayatta's avatar

A lover who will drive me crazy all day long? For weeks at a time? On a private beach? With a chef who will prepare excellent foods during our refractory periods.

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Well…I’ll go for world peace too, but, if that’s too tall an order, just flip me about 4 million so I can fully retire and follow Wunday and his lover and chef to that island. Maybe the chef and I will hit it off. Prep me baby! lol

OpryLeigh's avatar

For my boyfriend and I to be able to start the world trip we are planning now rather than in ten years time which is more realistic.

Jude's avatar

Dual citizenship.

AshLeigh's avatar

I want my brother to come see me more. :/

wundayatta's avatar

@Coloma You better not be distracting my chef, or she’ll soon be an ex-chef!

Coloma's avatar

@wundayatta Oops, I assumed the chef was a male, well, that changes everything.
Works out well for you, two women on a “dessert-ed” island. ;-)

stardust's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe Take your pick! ;)
@MilkyWay I’d like to throw some honeycomb into that mix for you!
@Keep_on_running I ain’t a genie I’m afraid.
@jazmina88 Granted!
@wundayatta Hmm…I’d like that too, so I shall say good luck with that one and refer you to the video above for now!
@Coloma Only if you’ll pack me in your suitcase?
@Leanne1986 I hope you guys have a windfall
@Jude It’s a pity that this has to be a wish, but hopefully not for too much longer,x
@AshLeigh I’ll come see you instead if you like? :o

MilkyWay's avatar

Mmmm, honeycomb ice cream :D

erichw1504's avatar

I wish for more wishes. HA HA!

I cheated.

MilkyWay's avatar

You might wanna wish for some deodourant too >.<

erichw1504's avatar

Deodorant will do no good for you, so just wish for everyone else on Earth to own a bio hazard suit.

MilkyWay's avatar

Exactly. Happy wishing then.

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A new house, in the right neighborhood, no less than 2300 square feet, no more than 3000 square feet, complete with indoor utility room, huge island kitchen, oversized master bedroom and master bath with ginormous walk-in closet, three other spacious bedrooms, a study with built-ins, two living rooms, a spacious formal dining room, and a nice backyard.

I don’t want much…

@Adirondackwannabe Well, I’d be happy to, love, but my husband might get jealous.

Facade's avatar

About $5,000

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate I’ll distract him with the hot maid, he won’t notice a thing.

linguaphile's avatar

A magic carpet out of this freaking job, with cash to spare to survive until I get a new job!

I know, I know… there are people out there without jobs that’d be happy to take mine… I’m not ungrateful, just fed up…

Coloma's avatar


Nothing to apologize for, shit…next to bad relationships, bad jobs are neck and neck. My ONLY goal in life these days is to keep nutcases and stressful work out of my little zone of light. lol

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I think I’ve already made it perfectly clear here on Fluther what I’d wish for :-p

EverRose11's avatar

I’ll take 5 million Dollars please, thank you.

Blondesjon's avatar

A beer.

i’m easy to please and i wouldn’t have to get up off of the couch

Berserker's avatar

Man, I just need twenty bucks. :/

AshLeigh's avatar

@stardust, that works too! :D

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@WillWorkForChocolate and @Facade Done and Done and Done!
@linguaphile I appreciate the nightmare of working in a job you’re not happy in. How about we send you off to an exotic location for some r n’ r? All expenses paid of course. New job will be waiting for you when you get back
@HungryGuy Can’t play any part in that wish I’m afraid!1
@EverRose11 I’ll just grab that out of my pocket and that’ll be on it it’s way!
@Blondesjon Easy breezy beautiful, eh
@Symbeline I hear you. It’d go a long way for me at the moment :/ I’ll send you some virtual love instead :/
@AshLeigh Swell :-) Can’t wait! :D

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