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What are fluther points good for?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) May 20th, 2008 from iPhone
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Send Apple $350 bucks and 2000 lurve points and they will send you a 16G iPhone.

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LOL really?

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I said – Lurve! Huh Good God y’all
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing
Say it again

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I believe 2000 points can be redeemed for one LOLcat, and 5000 will get you a personalized RickRoll.

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Lurve is Fluther Age. Under 100 & you’re young. Under 1000 & you’re a teenager. Under 5000, you’re old. Anything 5000 or over is a gray-haired rickety old crow.

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AstroChuck, Lurve is War? How is Lurve like war? Is it like a Purple Heart Medal for going off-topic so many times without being killed off by the Moderators? Is the enemy ignorance? Is this why we ask so many questions?

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Lurve is not age, its lurve. Appreciation. The word says it all.

If you must make a naive age comparason… Over 5000 should be crone status. Older and wiser and to be respected.

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Blessed be, my friend!

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Astro-chuck you rock my world!! Really lurve points are there to make others get jelous

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I think Fluther appreciation is better shown by sending a personal “Comment” to the person, thanking them for input. The Lurve doesn’t show who gave you credit! Anonymous thanks via Lurve is cool though because we’re a collective. When you rate someone’s reply a “Great Answer” it’s like the whole collective is thanking them.

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doesn’t everyone wanna be young?...
like me

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Still, I like me my lurve.

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Notreallyhere is just a young one.

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I hope you respect your elders when you’re older.

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AhHhh Psyla, you crazy Mofo… In an odd way I agree with your analysis on age and lurve. When I started out on fluther, I was very unaware of the ettiquite (sp?) now that I’ve been on here for a good few months… My lurve has grown (like me) and improved over time.

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I’m still gob-smacked at the whole lurve thing… did I get to 2000 in just over a month? My only reasonable explanation is that a broken watch is right twice a day and it’s far too easy to accidentally hit the ‘Great Answer’ when you scroll on an iPhone.

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I don’t know about you guys but in a society where it almost demands perfection, where its survival of the fittest, a little “Lurve” can go a long way! As a matter of fact, I think I need some right now :(

@Psyla if we go by the age thing then that would make me a newborn more or less. Born a couple days ago LOL

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Lurve is a form of bribery. I always bribe everyone who answers my Fluther questions by clicking ALL answers as a “Great Answer”. I usually get hundreds of answers to my questions (unless I ask something idiotic like “Will Almond Trees Grow In Zone 3?”). Pass some Lurve under the table! You get answers, they get Lurve, everyone’s happy.

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Psyla, in fairness now, it’s not the lurve points that draw people to your questions so much as the hysterical giggles that comes from reading the responses – and the fact that you tell people to come and answer :P

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It gives you more incentive to answer more and ask more questions. When you are getting lots of points, that makes you think “hey they think I’m pretty smart. I want to answer more, I want to know more!” Lols.

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I think HG is much better than LOL.

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Oh it is. It’s a whole different level of fun all together!

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