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Can you put a positive spin on being a miser?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) January 24th, 2012

If the negative term is miser, then what would the positive term be? What examples of self-talk works to reinforce being cheap without sounding negative? For example saying, “he saved money right to the very end”, Financial Guru…Money Collector, Financial Hobbiest, thrifty. Humor and sarcasm welcome.

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Beng a saver. Being careful with your money.

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Financial freedom.

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Thrifty, and careful.

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Thrifty. (It used to be a virtue and I think it’s making a come back after the financial crisis.)

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You might toss the word economical in there too.

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Live simply, care about how you use your own resources.

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A Good Steward.

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I am good friends with a couple who are very thrifty people. The wife did not work for about 20 years, stayed home to raise the kids, she sewed clothes, made bread, rarely bought anything from a bakery, did not wear fancy stuff. They didn’t go on fancy vacations. Now they own three homes, the first home is totally paid off and has been way before the mortgage was due. The other two homes are rented out, one is a multi-unit and one of their children lives in one of the apartments and so has free housing for her college education.

The couple is living a little less frugally now but still, they’re not extravagant by any means. So to me, the positive spin on them being misers is that they are free and clear with housing payments, and not living hand to mouth like many.

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In the cheaps.

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You save money.
I’m a teenager and I’m a miser. My whole thing is that when I’m 22 I’ll be able to buy things I want because I saved up for them, instead of spending the little amounts of money I get now on things that I want, but don’t really desire.

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Being responsible with money. Being a saver. Being frugal or thrifty. Being prepared for the future.

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Thrifty, money-wise, good at budgeting & saving.

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Extreme couponers have their own show on TLC.

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A penny picher says a penny saved is a penny earned, that sounds pretty positive to me,

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”...his casket is made of solid gold. And yours could be too. Be a miser today!”

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Economical, prudent.

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