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A $176K hearse and $210K pair of guns, if you have the dough to spare, what historical stuff would you collect?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27049points) January 24th, 2012

The JFK hearse apparently sold for $176,000.00 and guns used by Bonnie and Clyde for $210,000.00. I may pay $100,000 for JFK sex films that J. Edgar might have stashed somewhere or let’s see…Gen. Douglas McArthur’s corncob pipe for 250K?

So, feel free to be funny or serious about this and tell us, if any, of the stuff you would be willing to spend money on for your historical collection. And yes, you could go all the way back to human pre-historical times if you like.

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Kurlan naiskos

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Gary Gygax’s favorite Dungeons and Dragons memorabilia, like D20’s dice made from precious metals and notes on the game. Also ancient books and scrolls

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There are a lot of historical guns I would absolutely be thrilled to have.

I’d love to have Teddy Roosevelt’s Winchester 1895. I don’t even know if it still exists or not. Winston Churchill’s mom gave him a Mauser C96 to use in the latter Boer War because she knew it was a highly modern pistol at the time that would keep him safe. (My mom actually bought me one for my birthday one year). I’d love to have Churchill’s though, assuming it is still floating around out there somewhere.

More realistically, I would drop a lot of cash on a Westinghouse Mosin Nagant which is an American version of a Russian rifle that we made to send to the White Russians during the Revolution. Additionally, If I ever find a super rare Mannlicher 1900–01 rifle which was an early semiautomatic carbine, I’m totally buying it.

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I’d buy Bill Graham’s Masada compound in the Marin hills along with the ex soviet space shuttle Buran and a submarine too. A Scottish castle would be nice too, especially one near a landing strip that would accomodate Buran.

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William Shakespeare’s birth certificate, notes, rough drafts and authentic chain-of-possession-with-proof portrait.

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