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Sports Gurus: Can you please explain the San Diego Padres organization and what is going on?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) January 24th, 2012

Ok, so what I understand is we have a new owner for about three years now, going on three actually. And Jed Hoyer left to the Chicago Cubs and as we all know we lost Adrian Gonzales to the Red Sox. But what is going on? What is the strategy being dealt? Our pitching is or about top 10 for the past decade even on the road. Will we ever get any offensive small ball professionals? Tony Gwynn has said himself that he would shred this field up because there is so much space to hit. Are most MLB players just hitting the ball nowadays and hoping it’ll land in play? As opposed to hitting near the open space? I love small ball and base stealing, but what are we doing? What is San Diego doing? I’ve read that we are following the blue print of the Tampa Bay Rays organization but what exactly is that? We keep trading away our good players. Mat Latos? Gone. Top hitting prospect in Anthony Rizzo? Gone. I’m tired of being a San Diego sports fan. Any insight and hope I could hold on to?

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That’s nothing compared to the Dodgers. One of the greatest organizations in sports has lower credibility than the Clippers (of old). Empty stadium, traffic hassles, expensive seats, commercialized stadium (used to be exactly one commercial sign in Dodger Stadium and those were the four 76 orange balls).

Maybe the Padres need to bring back the glory days of the taco uniforms (at least they won the pennant that year, I think 1984).

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@Charles Oh wow didn’t think about it that way. But LA has Ethier and MVP runner up, Kemp. I think LA is a couple pitchers away from being #1 or #2 in NL West. Also, the Padres have only won the NL pennant twice, ‘84 & ‘98 :( Starving over here.

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The Padres team was a hobby for Ray Croc, who enjoyed a good game now and then and wasn’t concerned with winning. Now, it’s nothing but a business arrangement.

Unfortunately, the current business climate is not part of good baseball.

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