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Do you launder your pants and shirts every time you wear them?

Asked by jca (35976points) January 24th, 2012

I was going to word this as “how many times do you wear your clothes before you wash them?” but then I realized some people are going to go into detailed explanations about how they wear their underwear only once before washing it.

I am referring to pants and shirts – do you wear them more than once before you launder them?

I usually will wear my jeans only once before I wash them. Shirts, same thing, unless it’s a day where I just sit at work all day. If I go out in public, sitting in a restaurant, fast food place, public transportation or other public venue such as a movie theater, I feel like my clothes are totally gross because I’ve sat on seats that many others have sat on before.

Some people wear their clothes two or three times before washing. How about you?

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No I do not. When we came here to the U.S. from Russia, this was quite a change. There, it was appropriate to wear one thing all week. Here, it’s not socially acceptable because of the pretense of status as a mainstay American value.

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I get one wearing out of a shirt and 2–3 out of a pair of pants (depending on length of wear and dirtying.

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Shirts get worn once.
Trousers get washed once a week, unless they actually get dirty before then.

Washing your trousers every day is ridiculous, even obsessive clean-freaks I know don’t do that.

Our bills would be obscene if we all washed all our clothes every day.

Or do you hand wash?

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Seems an odd question to ask… Well, OK, I’ll go for it. Shirts, one wear then wash, because my natural “fragrance” will quickly become a “pungency” if I over wear shirts. Pants a few days. Unless I’ve sat in something obvious I don’t assume everything is filthy. I also don’t shower every day unless I need to, it dries my skin out too much.

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I wear jeans and pants 2 or three times before I need to wash them. Tops get washed after every wear.

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To be honest I wear my clothes until they either start to smell, or get so dirty its obvious I haven’t washed them. With the exception of underpants though, im not quite that disgusting.

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If they are dry clean I will wear them either until they stink or have a spot. Otherwise, I usually wash them every time, which probably is playing into the consumption driven economy. If they don’t stink and they’re not stained, we probably shouldn’t be adding to the wear and tear on them by washing them to often. Then again, I’m to lazy to evaluate and hang everything when I take it off. I’m lucky if they end up in the hamper, so I will continue to wash even when they don’t need it.
I was a lot more careful when I lived in an apartment and had to use the coin op machines.

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1–3 wearings from most shirts (sweaters, hoodies, light jackets get longer)

Pants are good for at least a week, pending what activities are done in them.

Underwear almost always daily.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir ,Thant explains why, when I was in Israel on the ski lift to Masada with a group of Russian school boys I just about died from the stench! I guess you get used to it if that’s the norm, but man, my nose was not prepared. I held my breath most of the trip.

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Wow it really depends. I have my regular day clothing which I wash every 3 days or 2 and then I have I have my going out clothes, for shopping, movies, or going out to eat or any other activity. My evening clothing can be either washed less or more depending on what I did in them. I’m like Judi with drycleaning my clothes. Way to many have been damaged or shrunk after 1 use, so I wear them and air them out and may throw baking powder on the arm pit areas if they seem a little smelly.

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I wash my shirts after a couple of times wearing them. I only wash my pants if I actually get them dirty with something. Washing clothes too often makes them look worn out more quickly.

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No. I usually wear jeans 3 or 4 times before I wash them providing they are clean and tops/shirts twice if I haven’t been doing anything too energetic whilst wearing them. If I notice dirt on my clothes or they smell I will wash them sooner than this but seeing as I usually get changed at least once a day I never wear anything for long enough for it to get dirty after the first time.

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Underwear and shirts get washed after one use (some shirts may get more before being washed), but I usually wash my jeans and sweatshirts once a week unless they get stained.

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I will wear the same jeans/pants 3–4 times before I wash them, unless I’ve been somewhere that just “felt” dirty. I wear t-shirts once before washing, sweaters or hoodies will be worn 2–3 times, because I don’t feel dirty or sweaty enough to wash them. The hoodie I have on right now has been worn off and on for 4–5 days, because I’ve only worn it for an hour here or an hour there… so I don’t feel the need to wash it.

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For me, there is a direct relationship between the proximity of the garment to bare flesh and the frequency with which it is laundered. Closer, tighter usually results in stinkier/quicker :-)

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Depends on what I’ve been up to…

Related story… Someone once made the observation that a long time ago people used to bathe once a week but they would pray every day. Now they seem to bathe every day and pray very rarely.

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I put on my cleanest dirty shirt everyday. And pants, and everything else.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – which gives you more personal calmness and comfort? I would go for clean clothes over prayer any day.

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I’ll bite, I were my t shirt’s and or a blouse only once, pants depending on what i have done at least twice before washing.

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underwear & socks: 1 wear
shirts: 1–2 wears
pants: 3–5 wears
coats, scarves, hat: seasonally
dog: every other week

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Shirts – Every time
Slacks – Every time
Jeans – 2 wearings between washes

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I have to add that when I wash my clothes, they usually go on the permanent press cycle, or “short” cycle of the machine. I try not to dry my underwear in the dryer, and I try not to dry my sweaters and shirts in the dryer. Dryers really beat up clothes a lot, and kill elastic. I hang the clothes that I don’t put in the dryer. Sweat jackets and things that don’t go next to skin I don’t wash every time, unless I’m someplace that feels gross, like public transportation, or fast food place.

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Hell no. Especially if I haven’t done anything to get sweaty or make my clothes dirty. That just seems wasteful, to me.
I rarely wash my jeans. I only own two pairs, and they last longer if you don’t wash them often. I wash them when they start to look crinkly or just when I figure it’s been a while. Though, I am usually in my pajamas when I am at home, so I don’t wear my jeans all that often. I will wear a top maybe 2–3 times before I wash it, depending. The material has a lot to do with it. If it doesn’t look neat, I will wash it.
Now, in contrast, my husband works in a factory. I was his clothes every time he wears them… because they are dirty. There’s a difference, to me, between putting something on and running to the grocery store, and working in your clothes. My clothes just don’t get as dirty.

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I change my shirts every day but wash them less often. I wash my trousers once a week.

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If nothing got on it, I wear them 3 or 4 times.

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Depends on activity, weather and stains.

Generally, shirts directly against skin go in after one.
Shirts used for layering go in after two.

Everything else gets the sniff-test and spot-check after each wear.

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Sniff test!

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Pants? No. I’ll wear pants a couple of times.

Shirts? Yes. Every time.

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Underwear, yes, outerwear, mostly, but sometimes I wear two days in a row. Sweatshirts worn over shirts, only once every three or four wears.

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Tops get one wearing but pants, skirts and some dresses get 2–3 wearings before being laundered.

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Undies – one wear.
Tops that are close to my skin – one wear
Pants/skirts – after two-three wears.
Tops that go over clothes. Once a week.

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