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Has anyone seen the Northern Lights that are appearing in more southern skies?

Asked by Stinley (11484points) January 24th, 2012

Apparently the Northern Lights are putting on an amazing show much further south than usual. Has anyone seen them? It’s one of my life goals to see them.
Not sure that moving 200 miles south was the best way to go about this.

Any Northern Lights stories to make me jealous will also be accepted…

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Seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list, too! I’ve been watching the skies more closely since it was announced that we’ll see some southern light shows, but I fear my Texas location is a bit too southernly for the spectacle.

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This is what’s causing it, I hope something will be even a little bit visible in southern New England, but prolly not…

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Sun erruption and radiation are the reasons. Northen lights in the south. What will our maker think of next?

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We will have to have a Fluther ‘Northern Lights’ trip. It is on my bucket list too.

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I have not seen any , but It is something that would change the course of any bad day for me, I wish I could witness them.

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I have seen them in Northern Minnesota when I was in my teens and camping.
I most recently saw a great show of them a few years ago in late summer in Northern Maine.
It is something that is amazing and captivating and will keep you in a trance as you watch. The colors, shapes, movement is spellbinding.
Needless to say, everyone stayed awake all night watching.

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I was outside last night, looking but I think the only lights I saw were of a distant town :-(

Hoping for clearer skies tonight

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I saw them in Scotland a few weeks ago but apparently last week they were as low as Gloucestershire (England).

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@Leanne1986 so jealous! I have seen pictures on flickr of them at Troon which is near where I used to live and I would have seen them from my living room window! Oh why did I move??

I’m not far from Gloucestershire now but I still haven’t seen them. One day I will though…

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I didn’t see them in Wiltshire where I live!

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